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I would like to see better facilities, new and accurate textbooks. There was a problem with overcrowding, but that is a issue that state and local government's need to work on.
I like how everyone is kind and respectful to one another but I would like for them to change some food choices and kick some students out because they are disrespectful.
As a student I have had a great experience. One thing I would like to see change is the stability of teachers. We lose and gain teachers pretty frequently.
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Elementary level is awesome with lots of parent/teacher involvement. Improvement needed on Middle School level to prepare students for transition to High School. More support needed for Student athletes.
Charles County Public schools care about each and every child. I love the school and the teaches. We moved to Charles County just so just so our son can get into North Point High School. The diversity is the school is also great, you can go wrong with Charles County School.
I liked that this school has many AP and honors choices for corses to enroll in, and the career center has a wide variety of opportunities for students looking to be envolved in programs and to better their future. Changes that can be made are having ALL the bathrooms unlocked on each floor to decrease time taken away from learning while searching for an unlocked bathroom.
I loved the atmosphere of Charles county public schools. everywhere I went I felt welcomed. I've never experienced nothing like learning at a Charles county public school. I felt safe at all times, there was never a time a felt worried or unsure about my well being. another reason why Charles county is the best is because of the great teachers that they have at the school. they're so approachable and so easy to talk to. you can go up to almost any teacher in the building with any problem and they'll do there best to help you fix it. thats why Charles county is the best
Charles County Public Schools are a very great place to go to school. These schools offer brilliant education along with wonderful staff members who cater to the students needs.
I wish there was better food and less standardized testing. It inhibits students from actually learning and only knowing how to take a test. Administration needs to step their game up on improving school spirit and building bonds with all students not just the ones who get in trouble.
Charles County Public Schools are the best in Southern MD! I don't think there is anything they need to change.
The teaching is horrible but the activities and clubs are well though out and carried out. The sports teams and other programs have a lot of people dedicated sadly the dedication doesn’t follow through in the classroom.
The county administration could take a more active role in the overall school administration. Like most schools there are highs and low's however if your student is focused on learning, they can be successful.
Charles County public schools are good schools. They have good sprts teams with good educational players. There is alot of diversity and culture. Good connection with most students and faculty. Also at some times fun environment.
I love the competitiveness that’s the schools had when it came to sports as well as education , they really make you work to stay on top of your grades and try there best to prepare you for college
My experience with CCPS was a memorable one. I transferred from a DC area school to Charles County and immediately my grades went from mediocre to highly impressive. CCPS definitely is a good area and I would highly recommend the area to anyone.
My Name is Remington Ford Senior at North Point High School. I've attend Charles County public schools since 1st grade , Charles County was pretty good to me my whole life I cant really complain. My experience was Pretty I never really had any teachers had problems with and all my teachers loved me, also helped a lot when i needed it. Sports in County pretty good but very underrated , Played sports in Charles County Public School grades 9-12 I loved it. I had arguably some best teams in school history , one of the best coaching staffs my Senior going all the way to the state semi game even the falling short we still had a historical season. Some things I would Probably changed in the school system is the cell phone policy we should have more privileges with using them. Our Lunches are not really that good we need to improve a lot and have better food that our kids will enjoy to eat.
Charles county schools are very articulate about zoning for the schools and the safety of the students, however the amount of fights on a daily and accident are outstandingly high and could put other students in great danger and the food quality is terrible. It is edible but sometimes the food is not cooked all the way or is rotten or the milk is spoiled.
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Fun place to attend school. Had many activities to participate in and was able to do them with people I started elementary school with. A smaller school compared to some in Maryland, we were still able to compete at a larger level. There was little violence in the school.
As a parent, I think the schools need to be completely overhauled. The changes in curriculum have affected our children in ways that don’t show for a few years. For example, the change to common core and then back again has left gaping holes in their education. Another significant impact, the long period of time where the children were only taught what they needed to know to score highly on standardized testing... a state’s way of competing with other states to say their educational systems were better than this one or that only to leave our children left with a lack of a good depth of education. The children suffer for their poor choices.
As a parent, since enrolling my daughter in public schools 4 years ago from private schools in Washington, DC., I've noticed that the teachers are more attentive than the schools in urban areas. Overall, I would say the teachers and administrators are dedicated to the education and well being of their students. Like all districts we have had some issues with teachers abusing their authority but we as a community have moved forward and are helping our children grow and flourish in spite of the circumstances. The superintendent is very vocal and communicates quickly when issues arise, not only with the problem but with a solution as to how it will be handled. My only disparaging remark is about school lunches. My child hasn't had a nutritional meal since attending public schools in Charles County. We really need to do better with providing healthier alternatives for our children. For some it may be the only meal they receive daily.
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