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Chariho is a basic public school, throughout the entirety of my education I have taken numerous classes, most of which will not help me with my career path. I like that you get to choose which classes you take but also have required classes. I do not like the majority of the teachers that I have had, I have found that most of them are unhelpful.
I think Chariho High School is one of the best high schools in the Southern Rhode Island area. The teachers are usually friendly and can answer all questions, the guidance office has always been helpful, and everybody there wants you to succeed. I think the only problem at the school was the fact that there was not a large variety of race and bullying was able to slip through authority way to easily. The problem was not the education or support, more of faculty and racial issues.
Chariho Regional High School is a great school, and I'm so glad this was my high school. I loved a lot of things about this school, including the sports teams, the school itself, and the teachers. I loved participating in the sports teams, the coaches were always very talented and we typically did well during our season. I also liked the teachers, but of course, there were some teachers that had different ways of teaching that I wasn't fond of. For the most part, though, the teachers were all very nice and helpful through my education. Chariho Regional High School was a great school overall.
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I was enrolled in Chariho Regional School district when I was in 5th grade. I have been going to school at Chariho ever since then. I had an overall good experience with teachers; a majority of them taught material well and seemed to care if we understood it or not. I also believe Chariho does a good job at trying to get students involved with clubs and sports. One negative thing about Chariho is that it has very little diversity.
The academics are outstanding. There are a wide range of courses for all types of students. The science and math departments have strong teachers. Many AP courses in math, science, history and the arts.
The school honestly is the most boring place to learn. There are some amazing teachers but most are just not all that into their jobs. There is a CTC program which is probably the best use of your time here. I am enrolled in the business pathway and it's fun. The pathway is great but it does require an internship and I have recived ZERO help finding one. There are also a few different learning options that are pretty cool. The school prides themselves on being one of the best in the state but the school is very average and no better than most schools in Rhode Island
I enjoy going to school at Chariho High School. There are many clubs and classes that I find interesting - especially within maths, sciences, and performing arts. I look forward to classes and activities, as well as seeing my teachers.
At Chariho, I enjoyed the programs they offered such as the Career & Technical Center that provided many different classes to help students gain experience and knowledge about a certain job field like Engineering, Drafting, Criminal Justice, Cosmetology, Health Careers, Hospitality, Culinary, Auto, etc. Also, Chariho offered a business pathway and business classes/programs that allowed students to learn more about the business world. Although, some students would have no space for some classes that they felt was necessary for them to take, or some students felt as though there weren’t enough necessary classes for them to take. The school offered an early enrollment program which seemed interesting but it was hard to join and not everyone got the full information about it, this was the case for many other programs in the school. Overall, the school was better than many other schools and I’m glad to have gone here.
I love the Chariho School District for so many reasons. First, its teachers and administrators are constantly supportive, open to student input, and truly dedicated to making your high school experience one to be remembered. Second, the variety of activities and classes are unparalleled. And finally, Chariho has an amazing Career & Technical Center that offers 22 different programs in order to make its students prepared for anything they come across in their chosen field. Speaking from experience, their Criminal Justice program exceeds every expectation you could possibly have.
Chariho is a good school however I feel as if I am not getting very many opportunities in my education. More clubs should be revolved around academics people are interested in. There is also no diversity in this school.
My teachers took the time to get to know me, and they were always willing to help me when needed. As an Honors and AP student, I received a top-notch education at Chariho.
Good education but rules and sports could be updated! Freshman year we were given brand new MacBooks which was a huge resource to help me learn. It allowed me to submit my best work and allowed me to get work done at home.
Fantastic! Really prepared me for not only college but life! They helped me become a strong student and a person. I struggled with dyslexia and anxiety, but they have helped me learn to overcome any challenges that may arise.
The teachers, students, and staff are all dedicated to a strong learning environment and are eager to support each other. The class options are tailored to your interests and provide valuable life experience that will be useful whether you go into the workforce, army, or go on to college.
The school is very nice and gives you many opportunities to take classes of your interest. I feel ready to take on college and i'm thankful for my teachers and friends I've made.
Just like any other high school. Though the administration kind of sucks. Offers many AP courses. Also has great career and tech program. Building is kinda old. Could use renovation.
This school is great, with the interactive CTC program, and the great staff, it is overall amazing. Saftey is great with the police on staff, and the school pride is allways booming. I think this school should be higher on the list. It is not the schools fault for the diversity, it is the people who live near it. Strongly recommend it.
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Best and largest cte program around. The school has some of the most engaging teachers and greatest programs. in addition, this school is amazing at both high school and middle school sports. To add to this appeal the school has a very very low rate of drug-related crime, in sharp contrast to schools such as westerly high school or North Kingstown high school. Don't even get me started on the amazing students at Chariho they are some of the brightest and kindest tikes you'll encounter anywhere. If you don't want your child to fail at life and live in your basement at age 40, then send them to Chariho.
Very good schooling district with its students best interest as a priority. Chariho gave me valuable skills like EMT and CNA certifications that have allowed me to further my career in the healthcare field. I went through Chariho school district K-12 and can honestly say I was set up for success.
I had a great time at Chariho High School. The teachers were great and were willing to listen to your problems. The students are very nice and I have made many friends over the past four years. The workload is reasonable and the expectations that they have for us are easy to achieve if you work hard enough. However, while there is little diversity on the campus and it is hard for us students to look at our GPAs unless we meet us with a counselor. Besides those grievances, Chariho High School has had a remarkable impact on my life and I will carry everything I have learned over these years into college and beyond.
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