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Chariho Regional School District Reviews

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Just like any other high school. Though the administration kind of sucks. Offers many AP courses. Also has great career and tech program. Building is kinda old. Could use renovation.
This school is great, with the interactive CTC program, and the great staff, it is overall amazing. Saftey is great with the police on staff, and the school pride is allways booming. I think this school should be higher on the list. It is not the schools fault for the diversity, it is the people who live near it. Strongly recommend it.
Best and largest cte program around. The school has some of the most engaging teachers and greatest programs. in addition, this school is amazing at both high school and middle school sports. To add to this appeal the school has a very very low rate of drug-related crime, in sharp contrast to schools such as westerly high school or North Kingstown high school. Don't even get me started on the amazing students at Chariho they are some of the brightest and kindest tikes you'll encounter anywhere. If you don't want your child to fail at life and live in your basement at age 40, then send them to Chariho.
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Very good schooling district with its students best interest as a priority. Chariho gave me valuable skills like EMT and CNA certifications that have allowed me to further my career in the healthcare field. I went through Chariho school district K-12 and can honestly say I was set up for success.
I had a great time at Chariho High School. The teachers were great and were willing to listen to your problems. The students are very nice and I have made many friends over the past four years. The workload is reasonable and the expectations that they have for us are easy to achieve if you work hard enough. However, while there is little diversity on the campus and it is hard for us students to look at our GPAs unless we meet us with a counselor. Besides those grievances, Chariho High School has had a remarkable impact on my life and I will carry everything I have learned over these years into college and beyond.
Chariho is a pretty good school overall. The staff are alright and they generally provide decent help when their students need help. The superintendent does not always respond to the elements quickly. I feel as though Chariho has prepped me well enough for the world though.
The Middle School is top notch and the High School is great, too. There are lots of opportunities for advanced classwork and the Career and Tech Center has great programs that give students the knowledge they need to work in careers like automotive, welding, forensic science, drafting, nursing, computer tech and more. The sports teams are supported by a great community.
Chariho High school was overall a good high school for me to attend. Based off of other high scools in the area I believe that it was better than the others. It was not a very diverse experience. Athletics and student teacher relationships were very good.
CHARIHO is one of the best schools in RI. I am a teacher in an another district and unfortunately we do not have comparable facilities, parent involvement or quanity of well developed academic/career programs. Chariho offers a wealth of options academically, as well as for athletics and other clubs. I highly recommend enrolling in this school system.
Chariho is an excellent school and the Career and Tech. Program is top notch. They provide a wealth of a ademic opportunities with offerings in AP, EEP, and online high school. The CTE offers traditional vocational programs as well as more technically advanced options. The school offers a full complement of athletics and clubs. The facilities are in excellent condition and families are actively involved.
Chariho is great if you're there for the Vo-tech program. Academics could be a lot better due to the teachers not being the best. The clubs and sports are tremendous. The crowds are very cliqué but everyone is very accepting.
I have been going to Chariho all my life. The teachers are all so helpful and can really help you get your academic grades up if you try hard enough. This is an extremely safe school since there are resource officers at all times. I would like to see the diversity change within the school district itself and also I would like to see a change in the sports by training our athletes differently.
Chariho Regional School District is accepting of all different types of people. Many events took place that made high school an enjoyable experience. Some of the rules weren't fair to the students, however the school was safe and motivated.
Overall it was a good high school experience. The school ranks well in overall state rankings for academics which is a plus. The students get along for the most part and there isn't too many issues. As far as high school goes, chariho seemed pretty much average.
I went to the Chariho Regional School District my entire schooling career and I was very pleased with it as it properly prepared me for my experience in the real world. They had an excellent teaching staff and the high school is under excellent leadership with Craig Mackenzie as principal. The extracurricular activities allowed me to grow as a person and to be able to hand responsibility. The sporting activities showcased Chariho spirit and built discipline and involvement into the student body.
The teachers care about the students, and encourage them to do the best that they can. The vocational school on the campus helps students plan their careers and achieve goals early on for their careers. It allows students to graduate high school with a skill, and able to find great jobs.
My experience attending Chariho was overall a successful learning experience academically and mentally. Chariho became one of the first schools in Rhode Island to administer laptops to its students, making it a paperless school. Chariho focuses on accepting all students and adapting to their learning mechanisms. Chariho is a wheelchair accessible school, as well a school with braille . During my experience many electives were and Career and Technical Center classes were offered to target future careers. Chariho has four blocks so that students can spend plenty of time with their teachers to grasp the information and ask questions. Chariho High School offered many extra curricular actives and sports for both boys and girls. To keep students on top of their work there is a M system in order in which students cannot participate in sports, dances, or school events in they having missing work. Moreover, Chariho High School builds an atmosphere that puts the students first in every aspect.
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Chariho is a school district full of caring teachers and administrators. I cannot believe how much more prepared for college I was compared to my peers when I arrived my freshman year. I was especially appreciative for my access to AP and online courses as well as the exceptional foreign language teachers.
Chariho Regional School District provides a very helpful and supportive environment for all of its students. I have been apart of the school district for 12 years and feel fully prepared to take my next step into the future. Chariho has pushed me to strive to be my best and has set me up for a successful path into college. One of the biggest struggles for many high school seniors, myself being one of them, is making a decision about what career path to focus on after graduating. However, I have had full support from all of my teachers and the administration that want to personally help me figure out my interests and talents. Overall, Chariho Regional School District has helped form me as a student and given me the education I need to be successful in the real world.
Chariho has offered many valuable sources to help my educational experience within the school district. The majority of the teachers are amazing and the laptops are very helpful for school work. Although I wish there was more guidance within the school to help students identify what they might want to do in the future and explore different opportunities, I believe the district has done a pretty good job. Chariho lacks in diversity and many students still believe ridiculous stereotypes, but hopefully that is a teenager thing not a school district thing.
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