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Chappaqua Central School District Reviews

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Overall amazing teachers. I feel that my classes and teachers have prepared me for college. Most teachers genuinely care about their students and their subject. I've also been able to find many amazing friends and like-minded peers.
The Chappaqua District is known for having great academics and the high school is known for producing many ivy league students. Besides the high academic rigor, the district is excellent at hiding any wrongdoing. They seem to prioritize the name of the school instead of the students which is disheartening. There is very little diversity and that is reflected in how they handle racist situations. I'm a senior and I'm happy with the friends and connections I've made, but I would be lying if I said that my memory hasn't been tainted in a negative way in my 13 years at the Chappaqua Schools.
Chappaqua is a very modern and smart school district. The teachers are generally caring and the kids go to amazing colleges.
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Being a student in Chappaqua has allows me to learn how to thrive in a competitive environment. The school district provides extensive opportunities for its students as well as a diverse teaching staff. Despite this the student body is lacking in diversity and culture.
I moved from Ossining to Chappaqua in my sophomore year and I was amazed that my classmates were more mathematical advanced than me in my math class. In addition I believe that there are a lot of resources that are available to aid me in my education. I was very pleased that I was able to attend this prestigious school!
I would like to see the students show more school spirit and come together sooner than second semester senior year.
It's very rigorous and extensive, especially for a public school education. There could be more availability regarding bullying help and resources.
This district used to be very good. After two kids and one more to go, I realize we are paying ridiculously high taxes to pay entitled teachers. The balance isn't there anymore. If you have a child that is not cookie cutter, they will struggle. There is very little diversity, and the special education programs are non existent
I love CCSD! The teachers are great (they are over paid) but in general, AMAZING. Last year the one of the most common schools graduates went to was Cornell! You don't get that at your normal public school! Great schools, great kids.
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