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Chapel Hill Independent School District (Tyler) Reviews

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Ok school, they have some good programs for students. Many good opportunities are hidden and not informed .
I've attended Chapel Hill ISD for my entire grade school career. These past 13 years, I have gained lifelong friendships, who I consider family, and participated in countless extra curricular activities: band, drill team, theater (One Act Play), FFA, National Honor Society, and National Technical Honor Society. I am extremely blessed to have teachers, administration, and organization sponsors that genuinely care about their students' lives in and outside the classroom and are passionate about their jobs. Several staff members at Chapel Hill ISD have impacted my life as mentors, teaching and guiding me to be a leader, a responsible young adult, and a hard worker. Being a student at Chapel Hill ISD, I have gained a determination to reach my goals and have been inspired to never give up, no matter the obstacle I stumbled upon.
I have enjoyed my time at Chapel Hill, but I wish there was more diversity and sports to be involved in. I hope one day the Chapel Hill School District can grow in a way never seen before and everyone will be more involved in the community.
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Chapel Hill has been a great experience for my kids. We have great teachers/administrators and coaches. I would like to see more parent involvement though.
Chapel Hill is a wonderful school! I love the teachers, the curriculum, and the fact that they strive to succeed and help the students as much as they can. The school offers a variety of different programs and clubs, ranging from athletics to academics to career building programs. They help entice the students to make better grades and work hard by offering incentives, and offer extra help in tutorials. This school pushes the students to succeed, and it's a joy to be a student here!
Chapel Hill High School is amazing. It is an enormous and safe school. The staff and students are all great. As well as sports. The footballs games are such an experience. The pep rallys are really fun to attend. There is nothing that I would change about the school.
I believe that Chapel Hill ISD is one of the best high schools in East Texas, and should be recognized. I also believe that Chapel Hill could improve some of their clubs and add more classes that could indeed help us in the future.
The environment is great. The teachers actually care about the kids and I would like to see our school bond pass for a bigger school.
If I could change anything about Chapel hill it is that I wish our school would prepare students for collage. I also wish teachers worked together better. This school is wonderful other than those issues.
Chapel Hill Is a bit weird but mostly because of the student body, but the administration can be a bit overly stern sometimes. academics in the AP and Dual Credit classes are good but on level classes are very watered down and easy. The Athletic department has very good facilities and a very caring coaching staff.
I love seeing the Chapel Hill ISD come together to help someone in the community in need. Chapel Hill ISD has a diverse education and sports program.
My experience at chapel hill has been great. The best thing about the school is the faculty and the diversity. The teachers strive to make us (the students) be the best we can be and help us receive the best education possible.
Chapel Hill is a decent school with many opportunities to offer. The best thing Chapel Hill has to offer is the diversity and the teachers located there. The best part of Chapel Hill in my eyes is their growing FFA.
Chapel Hill high school , is a great school with many opportunities for students , in which they can learn many activities and have the experience to learn more outside school.
Chapel Hill High School is a very discipline school when it comes to academics. The teachers and administrators are tough on academics because this school is know for producing only the finest scholars in n the East Texas region, but there are improvements to be made everywhere in anything. Chapel Hill lacks in facilitate readiness. The District knows that the school is old and needs improvement and know that they need to be addressed but other than that the school is very Great.
The school needs to work on academics more, better food, and overall needs better teachers. Otherwise, it is a fine and okay safe school.
Chapel hill is an amazing school. They have every opportunity to a child who wants to dream big. I have taken already half of my college required classes to get to my dream job. I have made life long friends with not only the academic classes but with the athletics. Chapel hill has plenty of sports to offer and I'm glad I have tried all of them. They have taught me leadership, patience, communication and plenty of other great characteristics. I would like to see Chapel Hill with better food choices. With great grades comes great source of energy. The only way we get that energy is through food. So if they would put more enjoyable food choices they might have better grades and possibly better attendance. Over all chapel hill is a wonderful school and I'm glad I got the chance to go from pre-k to 12th grade.
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Chapel Hill is an amazing school with many opportunities. The education here has made me come far, the teachers and coaches care about helping us out to prepare for our career.
Chapel Hill is a small community, compared to our surroundings. However, it's doesn't stop it from having a great preformance which rated 6 out of 7 . Chapel hill high school have push many students to stride academically although, having financial issues . There is an average of 75% of the students that are under free or reduced luch which indicates that families are under the 20, 000 yearly income . Which creates many limitations to the school budgets , but however the school has created a program for students who are under the small percent of who are not able to go to collage after high school . They called this organization " Early collage " which by the end of the senior year this student are eligible to graduate as not as just hight students but have there associates degree in college . The experience I receive was very welcoming and excited from teachers , coaches, and faculty.
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