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I am a senior now and my experience in Channelview high school has been so good i feel as they've tried their hardest to prepare us for college . Yes they are strict but they also can have fun with school spirit. Once i graduate i know i will miss it. The teachers are very into teaching the kids they show that they care, I wouldn't change a thing about Channelview high school because if i did it would be a mess.
For the most part i really love the Channelview school district.They need a few teacher changes here and there but it mostly has a good education program and somewhat good sports program.
I think that over the school is just a mixed bag. For instance some of the teacher are really good and will help on every turn while others will loosely care and throw students under a bus weather that be them not liking them to hoe they are doing in class.
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My experience in Channelview High School was an overall average experience. My biggest concern with the school was that they really did not offer many opportunities to get ready for college or apply to universities. On the other hand, the teachers I had were very helpful and professional. They supplied me with the right resources in order to graduate and be successful. My favorite thing about my high school experience was playing soccer for the high school soccer team. Through my soccer coach Morry Bierman I learned a lot about life lessons. Thanks to him and the program I am where I am now.
Channelview was a place i grew up in and for the most part it was a good experience with teachers that truly cared about you and your education and future. I was in many classes with good teachers and i had an amazing soccer coach that taught me many life lessons. I truly did appreciate everything cahnnelview did for me.
I am a senior at Channelview High School, and so far, I am really content with the Channelview school District. What I specially like is the MECA program that is offered by many of the high schools in this district.
I personally think Channelview High School is not a bad school. The Administration tries their best to try and maintain the school although, it is not easy due to fights and certain students. The teachers overall teach precisely and try to make us understand in the best way possible. I have had good experiences with the teachers although I stumbled upon one that did not fully meet the academic requirements in order to make that class successful for me and other students. Overall this school is not the best but the sports are very good and have very motivated coaches. I give this school a average rate.
I liked the teachers as they actually taught and drilled subjects into my head where I understood them on another level . Somethings I’d like changed is the schools pride . It seems as if nobody participated in school activities. As well as the Spanish subject and other foreign languages took more seriously, that field is the only field where teaching is horrible .
It was an ok experience. The connection between teacher and students needs to improve . Worry less on dress code abs more on education.
I wish the teachers would be more happy about teaching, that they can not just discriminate against students they like and don't like and get to know other students.
Honestly this school isn't all that great. Most of the teachers here are bad at teaching or just don't care what you do. But I don't blame them, they aren't the ones that have to pass the class, we are. The people here are just so annoying, they try too hard to be funny and always begging for attention. Most of the people here are rude, this isn't a school for good academics.
It’s a very good school district. Mostly because you can easily pass the classes. They offer a lot of tutorials and a lot of hep with college related things. The other pretty good thing that the district has is the sports, they always cheer on all the sports and they have pretty good coaches.
Channelview High School is an average school. It was very supportive during the band bus accident. It’s also very supportive towards our students accomplishments and achievements. I’ve had an average experience these past four years.
What I enjoyed about attending CHS was that it is a diverse school that allows students to get to know many different things from different people. Something that I would like to see change is the image the sudents have of the school being low rate into one of having a positive outlook on it in order to make it better.
I enjoy my teachers! The teachers I have are very caring and kind. Each teacher I ever had always had my best interests at heart. The change I would to see is the change of APs, they are very rude not only to students but to parents and other staff.
I Myself personally enjoyed the staff and administration . The environment consistently maintained safe during my years attending. its an huge district , everyone knows everyone so if your an city type of person and great at socializing this is perfect for you .
What I like about Channelview Independent School District is that from elementary school the teachers are always on your side. Most of the teachers are bright and helpful. They are there for you can actually care. Especially in middle and high school, they try to teach you to the best of their abilities. Sometimes the students don't wanna learn or participate but the teachers still try, and will still focus a lot on the students that do care. The teachers are constantly trying to evolve the new technology age and are using more electronic learning ways.
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The staff indeed needs to be changed. The staff are always contradictory to one another. For example, some policies are dismissed by some while others are heavily enforced. While on the topic of policies, many of these are outdated or just plain silly. The school also needs to use their money more efficiently since much of the school is outdated or lacking in resources. They don't even give textbooks.
The thing I liked about Channelview Independent School District is they have a variety of sports. They also have a variety of classes that you can do.
what I like from channelview high school is the environment the we can feel here and also the security that this school have its very impressive
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