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Chandler Unified District #80 Reviews

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Chandler Unified is by far a great district for all ages of kids and is welcoming to the community. Teachers and staff make sure to put the students first whether it be staying an extra 30 minutes after school for tutoring or being there as a life mentor. Highly recommend for future students of the Chandler District.
Chandler Unified District #80 gives the students a chance to grow. All schools in chandler help us grow into smarter people and better mature for the future ahead. The schools in chandler are college ready and need very little change. Chandler schools may only need to change some of the teacher staff for them to become more successful and better. Overall as a student who goes to Basha High, in 10 years i can see my self in college or graduating because of the chandlers schools.
I literally love Perry High School! It has prepared me for college!! I love the environment and all the teachers! I honestly love coming to schools and will miss being a puma! I will take the traditions and fun that I had at Perry and bring it with me when I embark off to college!
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Chandler Unified School District has been my home for the past 17 years and I couldn't have been happier with my memories and experience. From the first day I started kindergarten till this moment as an 9almost0 graduated senior, Chandler Unified School District has provided the best teachers, resources, and community lifestyle a student and member of the community could ask for.
Niche Review: I like the many different teachers who share a genuine interest in guiding their students.  I have had a wide variety over the years that have terrific personalities and demonstrated great character. However, the administration should listen more to students' input and implement changes that they want to see in school.
CUSD is the best school district I have seen even though I have been in four different school districts, CUSD is the most promising and professional.
I really like how the school has a lot of students because I feel like it makes me prepared for college. I feel like because it is so big that we are able to have a lot of electives that other schools could not. I feel like the teachers at Perry High School are good in the Honors department but are lacking in the generals. The few teachers that I have had for generals don't really seem to care about what they say, if it is ethical or not, and don't really seem to like being in class.
I attended Elementary, Junior High, High school, and community college all within the Chandler Unified District and I feel I have received a great education so far.
Chandler schools always puts students first! Decisions are made in the arts, athletics, and academics that help students experience success.
About Chandler Unified District I like the diversity there is, and the different programs that are offered. For instance, there is a program called English learning department which is for non-speaking English students and it allows them to learn the language. Teachers and school staff is also really involved and will provide help when asked for. Another thing is they try to involve students in sports and activities to help develop social skills and others. For this and many more reasons I rate the Chandler Unified District as very good.
I have been a student in the Chandler Unified District #80 for about 8 years. I have enjoyed many opportunities with AP and honors courses. There are some really awesome teachers and clubs.
I like chandler a lot better than mesa . I recently moved , I am an African American male ,and the community and teachers are a lot better and easier to work with than mesa public school. It is a lot easier to get along with students here because of the diversity, I am very satisfied with the change in teachers and friends in my new environment. My grades have gone up and I am generally a lot happier .
The CUSD district is overall very good. Students are well educated and there is a good sense of unity in the schools.
The best thing about Chandler High were the people. Their was so much diversity in every classroom. It has been enriching to be able to meet people of different cultures and backgrounds. The majority oh the teachers are wonderful and very approachable.
I transferred to Casteel High School and got no answers for questions which ended up setting me back some academically. The students (especially seniors) are extremely egotistical and rude. There is lots of disorganization among many things for example the Dual Credit with the Community College and a lot of the newly senior things like photos and cap and gown ordering. They are a new school so they don’t offer very many extra classes to take. They care a lot about their image as a school, more than they care about the children that go there. Personally I have felt like a student in a middle school again with how many restrictions there are. I was even followed into the bathroom once by a security guard for no reason!
I enjoy the descriptive teaching methods of the teachers and the camaraderie and kindness of the students.
I personally moved to Arizona my junior year of high school. It took me a while to find my group of people, however when I did my school experience became 10 times better. Part of what helped me find my friends was my medical professions class and my amazing teacher Ms. Mangan. Being surrounded by people who have the same life goals and aspirations in life really aided me to find my group of friends. Medical professions was a class that was not offered in my old school, so when I found out about the program I signed up immediately. In this two year program we learn skills that can help us in the end of our senior year when we take the State Board of Nursing exams so we can receive our CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). However I do think that the Chandler Unified School District can invest more funding into educations and get some students personal computers, my old school provided each student with a personal tablet and that really helped the school "go green" and save paper.
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The District has always supported their students and especially their employees. For example, during the Red for Ed campaign, the district supported and believed in what the teachers were standing up for. The district funds great amounts of money into the schools to help with the success and growth of the school. Moving to Arizona all the way from California my family was concerned about which district to register me within, however after talking to colleagues that work in Arizona, my mom had constantly heard that Chandler Unified was the best within the state, and it would be a mistake to not move within the boundaries. When registering my brother, who is special needs, my parents found this to be a much more simple process compared to California. When my parents had district meetings to discuss my brothers needs, my family quickly realized that everyone within the room only wanted the best for my brother so that he would adjust to the move easily.
I would like to see the school focus more on ensuring that the teachers are teaching the material relevant to the class and, more specifically, the AP exams in a more timely manner so that we, as students, have a decent amount of time to prepare for the test.
In most circumstances I have found that the Chandler unified school District is very supportive. They makes available all possible resources for their students to succeed.
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