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I have attended Champion Schools my entire education. The administration is interested in hearing student issues and suggestions for the continued success of the school district. I feel like there is a good amount of college prep classes and dual enrollment with several local universities. Champion is a small community school so there is limited amount of large clubs and organizations. But I feel like the clubs that are offered are staffed by teachers and community leaders that are vested in the students and their success.
We absolutely love Champion Schools!!!! Always so caring and focused on helping each child achieve their best!!!
Champion Local Schools is a popularity contest. If you’re not a softball player or from a well-known family, your needs aren’t important to the school. There is no school spirit, as there’s nothing to be proud of. The academics are mediocre as well as the sports teams. Occasionally, a sports team does well and suddenly academics are less relevant than they already were. My time at Champion was absolutely terrible, and I’m so glad I left. Don’t go to Champion or send your kids there.
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My time in the school system in Champion was a truly invaluable experience. The teachers’ advanced thoroughness sculpted my youthful mind into a useful tool that I am able to use and improve on in college. I would strongly advocate for students in the system now to take advantage of the educators that Champion boasts, and to absorb as much scholastic information and life wisdom that they have to offer.
They choose the students they will give good opportunities to,and if you dont have the right last name they won't care about you
The Champion local school district is very nice. I don't see bullying as an issue at all throughout the school. There is a lot of opportunities to get started with college credits and a variety of electives to be taken at one's choice. I have always really enjoyed the teachers. There is a student teacher connection you can easily form with them that you will always remember and know they are there to help. My years at Champion have been nothing less than fun and full of making memories with all the interesting activities they perform for students and academic excellence I have gained there.
Great education. Good facilities. Sports programs are not good. Popular kids are catered to, so at a young age I was bullied and really never fit in to the click so to speak. When selecting my college pick I picked colleges that were not near my home town school.
Champion Local School District cares about the overall education and safety of all of the students. This creates a perfect environment to learn and grow. Some of the technology and aspects of the building are outdated, but other than that they give everything you need.
What I think about Champion School Districts is they think about themselves(teachers) and do not have any respect for the children. The teachers also don't have much involvement with the teachers.
Champion is a great size school. Plenty of courses to choose from including college classes. Champion offers many extra curricular activities.
Very pleased with champion schools. Excellent academic program. Very satisfied with a junior and senior student.
Champion is an excellent community district. I wish however, that they'd be more helpful and open toward students with mental disorders.
If it satisfies you to know your child will be safe, and that they will be receiving a great education, Champion Local Schools is the place for you. I really enjoyed the connection that not only exist within the schools with teachers and students, but with the community as well. They also have a one of the number on educational systems in the district making them stand out within the small township of Champion. This educational system also including the CCP classes to ready you for college. The relationships you make with the people you meet at Champion are relationships you will remember forever.
Champion itself is a great district. The teachers make sure you know the materials they are teaching. But there isn't much to prepare you for college. There is more of a concern over then next standardized test than there is over that happens after graduation. Going to TCTC my junior and senior years have prepared me for college more than the past 10 years at Champion.
My overall experience as a student at Champion Local Schools has gotten me college-ready. However, in my opinion the district worries a bit too much about their academic image, as well as the sports program. The school is also very political, which is a large downside. I enjoy the fact that they offer many options for College Credit Plus classes, however I do believe that they worry too heavily on it. Over the years, I've noticed the amount of elective courses declining, giving students less of an opportunity to take non-academic classes. There is a very large spectrum of types of teachers at Champion, ranging from some of the best teachers you'll ever have, to teachers that do nothing and have other students create assignments and basically teach the class. All in all, I wouldn't say that I'm in love with the school, but it has definitely prepared me in being more independent for the world outside of high school.
The teachers are very friendly and kind. enjoy going to school every day. Feel safe when I am in school.
In this school district I wold like to see it become less about sports. It seems as if the school district is heavily focusing on sports and not enough on academics and other extra curricular activities. The sports program has become very political.
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