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Champaign Community Unit School District No. 4 Reviews

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I’ve been in Champaign unit 4 my whole life. I’d say it’s okay. Elementary school and middle school weren’t the best. Centennial was probably the worst, teachers didn’t really seem to care there at all. After school programs were also hard to attend because I worked as well. But I also attended Novak Academy, which a pretty wonderful school. I loved it there. Teachers are helpful and fun, they help you with anything, not just school, a lot of them had genuine concern for my life outside of school too. I went from being behind at centennial, to graduating early at Novak Academy.
Overall the Champaign Community Unit School District No. 4 created an acceptable path for my education. I started at Barkstall Elementary and received challenging education that gave me opportunities to take challenging classes in middle school. I attended Franklin Middle School where the education I received was sub par. The middle school had many passionate teachers, but I had several teachers that did not teach me at the level of education that would have bettered me in High School. I currently attend Champaign Central High School as a Senior, and I have been impressed with the attentive teachers and staff. Central has very strong foreign language and English fields. Most teachers are passionate and motiated to help students learn. Overall the Schools I attended in the Champaign Community Unit School District No. 4 have successfully prepared me for my college education.
The teachers at the High School are not only teaching the subject matter, but teaching the student's how to study in different ways, preparing them for college. I am impressed with their dedication to the students!
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It is so ghetto here you don't even know. Like the school system is so flawed, that you have 6th graders that think 1 times 1 is -1. It's horrible at preparation for college because the teachers only stick to the lame curriculums they're forced to teach.
I went to a District No. 4 high school. Teachers have been friendly and helpful to students. But some teachers have been partial to color students when asked for extra help. A wide range of resource is covered in history or English class. College readiness is not started till you are a senior in high school. by that point you have thought about colleges and then have to rethink about it when new information is provided.
Champaign Central has a very diverse group of students. It ,however, lacks the facilities needed for the students. The schools have to share a track field with another local unit 4 high school. The building also does not have air conditioning and most sports cannot practice at the school as the equipment or field is not provided. There also is no parking lot for the students. However, the teachers at Central are caring and try their best to teach. Most teachers at Central are qualified to teach and do a decent job at preparing students. If needed, the teachers will take personal time off in order to help students in areas that they may be lacking.
I love my school and the district but there are little things I would like to see changed such as less drug use on school grounds.
My experience of the school was okay. I wish teachers could’ve been more involved in each individual in terms of the way they learn. I wish there were more scholarship opportunities and easier ways to scope out the future for kids. Lastly, the facilities needs change and the resources needs an upgrade. Overall it’s an okay school to go too.
I really appreciate my school district and what they have taught me and the experiences they have given me. I have had many wonderful teachers that left a lasting impression on me. The staff are understanding and wish to see you succeed.
Overall, Champaign Unit 4 District is a good district for kids to go to school. When I was in school, I enjoyed going everyday. The teachers were nice and they cared about the students. Unit 4 has never disappointed me and it has been a great district to Champaign, Illinois.
I want to see a change in how teachers and admin reach out to students and make them feel important. I want to see equality between all sports and classes.
I have passed through the Unit 4 school district all my life. From elementary school to a senior in high school, I have enjoyed my time with Unit 4.
they are being very proactive in getting community involvement to up grade the facilities district wide.
There are many different pathways available and connections to both the University of Illinois or Parkland. With the right group of supportive friends and the awesome dedicated teachers, motivation can get you to your goals whether in sports or in academic settings. Even as it is an average school, there are still many opportunities for extra curricular activities.
Unit 4 works hard to deliver quality education and extra curricular programs to a very diverse population. New facilities are on the horizon and this will help draw many new students and families not currently attending. Although focused on AP and college prep support, much infrastructure and support is needed for a growing population of non-college bound students; who simply can't afford or whose interests need support as well.

The staff instructs a wide variety of student achievement levels and tries to provide curriculum that meets all students needs, but falling test scores indicate that something is amiss. More intense supports are needed from a variety of school and non-school enrichment sources. Parent involvement is generally high in the elementary schools and falls off quickly in middle school.
Unit 4 aspires to meet the needs of a large diverse student population. The district is sensitive to the low income students and provides extra support and consideration to include them in school activities. The teachers and staff are committed; with special mention to the sport, theater, and music teachers who go above and beyond for their students. Parent support is greater in elementary grades, and wanes in middle and high school (not uncommon). The facilities need to be upgraded and a new bond issue will bring new buildings and upgrades to many of the aging facilities.
I like how their high schools have sports. I go to central high school and I also like the fact that they also let you have a study hall if your sport is in season. I like this because then for me as a varsity tri- athlete I have time to do my work that practices and competitions and meets take up. but everything else at my school is just so poor and needs to change. from what I have experienced along with four other siblings central has been poor and terrible in almost every area.
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Not Enough is done to help students. More teachers should be more involved in helping students. I think that if teachers cared more about students things would be a lot better
I like that in Unit 4 we have an amazing group of teachers and people that are always there to assist and help us. The administration always steps up to the plate and have been great at recognizing the hard work and accomplishments of every student.
this district is very helpful, the teachers are really respectful and nice, the counselors give very helpful information and guidance
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