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Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District Reviews

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A strong community, with a learning environment to truly grow as an individual and student to truly be yourself. With the small school, you get the chance to become very close with many teachers. The advanced placement classes offered in the classroom are amazing, all students often feel overwhelmed and the balance between academics proves challenging for many.
I liked how many options I have during the school year to keep me involved with the school. All of the sports and clubs are fun to attend and keep the students close to the school!
I grew up in Chagrin Falls, graduated from Chagrin Falls and moved back here to raise my family. This is a private school quality education in a public school district. Simply look at where our students attend college; Dartmouth, Brown, Harvard, Virginia, Duke, UNC, The Ohio State University and many more.
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The leadership and the staff are all committed to giving our children the best possible education and experience. There is dedication to excellence by everyone-administrators, teachers, students and parents. It has been a very positive personalized learning experience.
I am a student at Chagrin Falls High School and I have attended since the 3rd grade and through these years I have noticed many things good and bad about this school. I am considered an advanced kid in Chagrin while those who receive B's and lower are dumb, which is not a good stereotype. Also, there is not much diversity in Chagrin. I have probably encountered on 5 african americans in my high school out of 700. It is explicitly all white rich people, which has made me realize how different a school can change one's personality, which is good and bad. I have found that I am more open to different people. But, in Chagrin we have great teachers and a nice school where I feel safe yet pushed. Overall Chagrin for me has been an okay experience, but sometimes I wish I could experience other situations in high schools. By this I mean more diverse range of people, within culture and personality.
I have been going to Chagrin ever since I was in preschool. As public schools go this is one of the best educationally. Every student is pushed to find their greatest potential, however, this school is very prone to cliques and is made up of over 90% Caucasians. Because of this many students are insensitive to others and very out for themselves. Academically I am confident I will do well in college but socially I feel like this school and its students sucked all the life out of me.
This is a great school to attend. Prepares you for college and beyond with rigorous academia and challenges. School atmosphere can be inclusive, depending on who you are and how extroverted you can be. Not a lot of diversity at this school. There are a few very memorable teachers who will change your life.
honestly, i went to chagrin falls exempted village school district all my life. and looking back on it i had such an awful experience. everyone there is really mean, the teachers dont care about anything and never help the students out, and also the food is straight up disgusting. if i could give this school no stars for the rating trust me i would.
Chagrin is honestly a great school with great, really qualified teachers! The district really knows what they are doing and really cares for each student and won't leave anyone behind! Getting to the know the staff also really helps and is extremely worth while!
I grew up in Chagrin and went through my entire K-12 education within the Chagrin Falls School System and absolutely loved it! The teachers are super invested in their students and want to see them succeed. Chagrin has a lot of community pride and it reflects in the school system.
We have lived in Chagrin for 2 years and our students have attended many types of schools due to our various moves - from parochial to private - in the US and internationally. Chagrin was our first Public school experience and we are very pleased. It is definitely a "private" public because of its small class/grade size, extremely well-qualified teaching staff, strong Administration, excellent student performance and very supportive parents and community. The AP offerings are extensive, as are the extra-curriculars. They are working to bring innovative solutions, especially via technology, to the school.
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