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Chaffey Joint Union High School District Reviews

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I was apart of Los Osos Highschool which is the newest school out of those in the Chaffey District. It was a great school, with wonderful education and many well qualified teachers.
Los Osos High School is a prestigious learning environment that challenges a student's mind to perform to its fullest potential. Each classroom harbors a mentor who makes it their duty to teach their students key principles that will become the foundation for their futures. They offer guidance by connecting with each individual and channeling their innermost capabilities to exceed the standards of today's school system. Extracurricular activities are highly encouraged and are supported by staff. The campus provides a safe learning setting where education is most valued and all pupils strive to do their best and leave an imprint on the world. Culture is found in great diversity and provides an additional experience collaborating with surrounding peers. The overall experience in this school is great, and plays a major factor in preparing each class with the skills they'll need when entering the next step in their lives.
It was an amazing experience, that I enjoyed dearly. Chaffey high school has amazing drama club and plays.
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The teachers within the Chaffey joint union high school district who I have come into contact with have all been determined teachers who take pride in their job.
I went to two schools in the CJUHSD system and hated both of them. Only redeeming qualities were some of the teachers/staff as well as a handful of the students. At ALHS specifically, they REALLY need to have the auditorium and bathrooms worked on... they are both unpleasant to be in or use.
I’m very pleased that they improved so much on their learning goal. However, certain obstacles needed some improvements to keep the school a higher rating than any other schools. I recommend someone to join this school district.
I would like for the Dress Code to be a little more lenient as far as being able to wear simple black hats. As far as the schools I truly love it.
My experience with Chaffey Joint Union high school district is average. I have nothing really bad to say. It’s my own experience at my high school, Alta Loma High School, that’s not the best.
I really liked this school district. The area is nice and the teachers really encouraged students to succeed. Students were very welcoming.
They have AVID and Upward Bound to prepare students for college. The staff is very kind. Most teachers have such a passion for their students to succeed.
I attended Chaffey Joint my whole high school experience, freshmen through senior year. Even as a shy student, I still managed to find clubs that suited me. The band program was an award-winning, inspiring group to be a part of. I also adored my AP teachers and fellow peers. As a whole, there was a lot of school spirit that rivaled many surrounding areas.
This is my first year as a chaffey freshman and so far it has been great. At the beginning of the year I was really scared due to the fact that the school has more than 3,000 students and it being a big school really came to me. But thanks to the teachers and the friendly students that revolved around it made it possible to fell comfortable at this school. The food and campus is great, as the trees gives it a very aesthetic feel which is mostly for me.
It is a very good high school and I really enjoy being here. I love the surrounding community and all of the people are very kind. I am so glad I had the opportunity to go to school here.
Great school to go to. The teachers really care that you are learning and ready for college. They also make sure we have after school clubs that we can attend depending on our interests. I feel they have prepared me to move forward in life and with college skills.
The Chaffey Joint Union High School District is an amazing place to work. The employees care about their jobs to make sure that the students get everything that they need to succeed in their High School endeavors. The pay is at the very top, the employees care about each other, and they are doing all that they can to make the District a great place to work.
I had three children graduate from this amazing District. The academics are very strong, the teachers care about the students and are supportive of their college or career goals, both of my boys played sports and had a great experience. I appreciated the diversity of the teachers, staff members, and students. This provided my kids with opportunities to grow in tolerance and inclusion of all, which has benefited them in their careers they now hold.
I enjoyed the friendliness between the schools. All students were very welcoming between different schools.
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My experience here at Chaffey was good one. I transferred from Ontario High School so I could be closer to my friends and I'm glad I did the counselors and staff here are always kind and if you ask for help they will if they can. The atmosphere created is very happy and not once have I ever felt unsafe.
The district it self was really nice and helpful and actually made me choose the school I wanted to attend.
The only factor I loved about Colony High School is that they enforce the no Ds or Fs policy and the no bullying policy as well.
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