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Ceres Unified School District Reviews

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a very good district :) I wish it supported Charter schools, though. The schools there have great kids
I would love to see changes in more positive representation for all groups of students not just the majority that attend.
I moved into this district for 5th grade and been here every since. It was very easy to make friends as well!
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The food is great. The science has been lackluster as I really have only learned material in physics and math, with the biology and chemistry teachers being abysmal.
The Agriculture program is amazing, when seniors need to sign up for FASFA they take out two days to help us out.
I think the Ceres unified school district is a very organized and well set up. It has been around the community for many years and they have formed a successful education system where children can comfortably be in an environment to want to learn. They are frequently moving the education system and involving the people together little by little. They continue to show the want for improvement and are always trying to bring the community together. They hold many conferences at the community headquarters where people can go and express their voice and ideas. They all work together to make the system the best place it can be for everyone, from the students to the parents.
The staff is very supporting and students are very helpful and friendly. Extra help is always available for the students who have hard time in studies. There are lots of clubs relating to different interests. So, students are very engaged in extracurricular activities.
My experience at Ceres Highscool has been exceptionally well from the resources , to the friendliness, and attention given to the students to pushed for a further education has out done themselves in my eyes . They have many different programs to help students in the direction they want to go from engineering , art , music , and even hands on learning the school makes sure they have good qualified staff to part take in teaching these to students. This school has been around for many years and will last for many more because of school spirit and the amazing staff that keeps it running daily!
Good school kids can get involved in clubs and sports both my kids attended there I would really recommend it for other students to attend this school
Ceres Unified School District is a small district located with Ceres. It has a lot to offer and understand the different backgrounds that the students come from. They provide many different resources to the students such as laptops, calculators, & etc. to help the student succeed.
Smaller district. Very efficient use of technology. It has several things that create a very efficient environment that is unique and special. The school board does a few things to change the events of the smaller schools, some schools being given clear favoritism over others. All thing considered though, the system works and creates a very unique system with the used websites.
Ceres Unified School District is a good place to send your kids. They are public schools, and students will always have problems, but they have great teachers. The teachers are preparing students for the future, and I will forever be grateful for a large portion of them.
I have been here since 6th grade i have really enjoyed my time in Ceres there are really kind teachers and staff that help you out when it is needed, Things that could be changed is having more time to walk to classes just because it is hard to walk to one end on the campus to the other but over all my opinion about this district is really good.
What I like is how much they try to get the students involved and new ways to include everyone. But the only thing I dislike is how the students refuse get involved.
This place is great with a just a few kinks in the system, most importantly though, the high school helps the students all the way til they get into college and even after.
Ceres Unified has a diverse population of people. They keep student challenged with education and work hard to keep them safe. When a negative situation happens the school themselves work hard to meditate the problem and help find solutions. The schools cares about there students and wants them successful.
My experience with the district has been good. Some improvements could be more scholarship opportunities.
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I've been attending schools in the Ceres Unified School District for my whole academic career, so far. The administrators and campus culture is what keeps me motivated to continue my education successfully. The students, for the most part, are very positive towards one and other. The activities and events that the district allows us to have also keep myself and my fellow peers happy the be attending schools in the Ceres Unified School District. The teacher and custodians deeply care about the well being of each and every students and their actions speak for it. Not to mention the great diversity in resources and culture on every campus I've experienced. I would highly recommend schools within this district to parents with new students.
The school is extremely nice and the people are supper nice and welcoming as well. The admisnitrators of the school are supper focused on the well being of all the students and are extremly supportive of all the students as well, they truly look out for all the kids. The school also has multiple resources for all students such as paying for your SAT and ACT, as well as your AP Tests, all free of charge and they allow students to really reach their full academic potential.
My experience at Ceres Unified was a decent one. I had to transfer elementary schools, and the district allowed me to do it quite easily. With High School being my more prominent experience I will reflect more on that. I found that most of the teachers at the schools were very approachable, except for a minor few. Most of my teachers were excited to teach and helped out any way they could. It made learning enjoyable. With that being said the district did complicate things with there rules. The food was abysmal since our district chose to enforce healthy foods. It was a pain to make money for extracurriculars, but I brought food from home so it was a minor inconvenience. Overall I am happy I was educated in the Ceres Unified School District. It brought me a lot of opportunities and allowed me to excel.
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