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I recently started attending Centreville schools as of this year and students and teachers were very welcoming.
Centreville is probably not the school I would send my kids to once I have them. Centreville has its good times but mostly they have their bad times. Most of Centreville teachers are poor at teaching. The staff has their student favorites and doesn't include any of the other kids that aren't popular. It's sad, but I hope there are some major changes as soon as possible.
I loved my educational experience at Centreville Public Schools! I attended K-12 (I graduated in 2019). Great education, great opportunity, great culture, great experience!
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Centreville schools is a small public school system. It consists of two buildings, one for K-6 and another for 7-12. There are about 50 kids per grade, and the elementry grades have three classes in each. The school offers major sports like football, baseball, basketball and volleyball. They do not offer swim or soccer.
I love the involvement in the school with all the different classes. The seniors are very close with all the lower grades and they try to include them in everything. The class of 2020 is the biggest class for sports and they have to help make leaders for next years teams and I feel like they do a very good job on that to keep everyone in line and get the job done. Some things I would change about Centreville High School is the drink and food policy, the kids are not allowed to have anything in classes when they have to sit there for over 7 hours and only have one half an hour break during the day to get food and water. They should limit the snacks to on per room if they have to for each student in the class. But all around Centreville is a very good school to learn, get ready for college, and stay involved with a lot of activities
With centreville High school I found I liked the fact that the student body joined together and supported each other through sports and academically.
Everyone at Centreville Public Schools is very involved. The staff really cares on where you go and how you are doing throughout. During my years there has been many fundraises the staff and parents put on to make things better for the students. I've also learned what school pride is really about, and how it can shape you as person. At Centreville students are taught the rights and wrongs, making it clear that mistakes are okay because it part of a learning process, and knowing that you can achieve with hard work and dedication. In Addition Centreville having a Career Technical Education program has really guided me to where I want to be in the future. This program has showed me what I need to do to be successful. Also being able to dual enroll has showed me what I need to prepare for college. This shows how much Centreville has impacted me as a student and for life.
The teachers are all super kind and are very much concerned in our education. Something I would like to see improved is safety of the building and the people in it.
The academics where good. However some of the teachers where less than enjoyable. The sports at Centreville schools are currently changing. There was some poor coach's but since I have left that has changed.
I love my small town school. The teachers know everyone by name and are invested in our success. They are always available to help, and will do whatever it takes to make sure we are doing our best.
At Centreville our teachers really and truly do care about us students. You can tell that they aren’t just there for the money, and that they enjoy their jobs a lot. It is a very safe environment because safety is one of the number 1 things at the school. With it being a small school, you know almost everybody there and the teachers know you too. It’s a happy and clean place to be at and we do very well in academics. Our teachers are great at teaching but they also have some fun with us in the classroom to keep us intrigued.
I love Centreville. I've gone here my entire life, and it's like home to me. The entire student body is like my family as well as the teachers. There isn't much violence that happens, and it's a very safe school. Staff takes safety seriously as well as education.
My experience at Centreville Public Schools was quite enjoyable and enriching. As a student, I was surrounded by teachers and staff who very much cared about my well-being. The teachers of Centreville Schools are passionate about what they do. They make sure students are learning and succeeding. There are many resources available to aid the students in their learning and to socialize. If there was ever an issue, the school did their very best to make it right. I could not have attended a better school for my K-12 academic career.
Centreville public schools has a great learning environment. Being a place with many excellent well prepared teachers and many tutors throughout the building. However if you are looking to go somewhere for athletics I would personally recommend a different school of choice.
I love the small class size, the teachers that know us personally and are invested in our success. I love the close knit feeling we all have. It's irreplacable.
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