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I've only attended the college and I'd say it's an average experience. Nothing stands out too much to me.
Our district is alright. They fail to take action often when needed. The problem solving is very poor all the way through. However, they have good teachers and you will get a fine education. The college prepardness isnt great. I was a running start college and high school student and the teachers treated me poorly. The district doesnt like running start college students because we take away from their funding. I am glad to finally be graduating and be done with this district.
It's decent. It's not a very rich area, especially compared to W.F. West, its rival school. It gets a bad rep most of the time, but there is good there. The high school has about 1000 students, give or take. It's a 2A School. It's in a small area, most of the jobs for students are fast food, or retail. Everything depends on your take of the area.
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The community in the Centralia school's is very strong. However, not all the academics are very strong. I had some teachers and classmates that I am so glad that I met during my time at Centralia High School, but I wish that I had been challenged more by the majority of my teachers. I ended up taking several general education classes at the local community college in order to find the challenge I sought.
I grew up in Centralia all my schooling was in this district and graduated in June of 2016. It is a small town, and over the years I have gotten to know any wonderful people. I think the whole school district does the best they can, always with good intentions and a warm heart.
I think that Centralia School District is growing and getting better year by year but something that i would definitely see changed is teachers that genuinely care about the kids. the school district and the town is very poor and there are a lot of troubled kids but it doesn't seem like anyone really cares about them it often feels like teachers at every school are very snobby and don't realize the type of kids they are around and how their attitudes affect these kids on a day to day basis.
I was only at this high school for two years and then I switched to the college's Running Start programs as only two AP classes where offered my senior year and nothing was offered as an elective to fit my college major. There was no college in the high school and now they're adding that program, more AP classes and adding a STEM wing when it was something that I would have loved to have access to. College was definitely the better choice.
I liked the pace you are allowed to set for yourself. The vocational programs that're offered are excellent. The preparation classes for the real world give a good outlook of what to expect concerning housing, taxes, and major purchases.
The administration of Centralia High School specifically needs extreme improvement, the way they handle student attendance due to illness or physical disability is imploring and unimpressive, the care for students who are not athletically inclined is severely lacking as well as infuriating. The appreciation for Arts and Sciences is nearly nonexistent. College readiness from this school district is laughable and sad. Overall this School district is depressing and miserable, as well as inefficient in student turnout of graduation, and after high school success.
The once in a life time experience I say.How are we expected to go to college when the price of the dollar keeps going down the drain and college is sky high compared to old times.
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