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Many opportunities for involvement for those who want to take advantage of it. Many excellent teachers, although guidance is not that great as there are so many students. Music programs are excellent as well and the school is beautiful and safe.
Central York School district is an excellent school to attend and to be a part of. The school district has the learners choose their learning style with online learning, traditional teaching, and many other ways to have the learners involved in their academic goals.
CYHS is a great High School. They're so many opportunities available at this school. They offer Honors courses, Dual Enrollment, variety of sports, and a variety of clubs/organizations.
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Overall a very good district. Attended K-12 here, teachers care about the students and the safety of students are put first.
Central York High School is a great place for new opportunities. The amount of clubs, organizations and accepting student circles allows for a comfortable environment and the knowledge that you're loved and can receive help if you need it. Mini-THON and Aevidum have over 100 members in them that all work to make Central a better, more philanthropic school. I have never regretted my decision to come to Central.
Some things that I like about the Central York School district is the never ending opportunities and continued learning. Central is big on technology and provides almost every student in the district with some form of it, whether that be a macbook or an i-pad. There are also numerous clubs, orginizations, and extra-cirriculars to get involved in, so you're almost garunteed to find something that you enjoy or are interested in doing.
Central York does a great job of making everyone feel included and safe, however, I believe that sometimes they focus more on that than getting their students prepared for the next step after high school graduation. The district is very up to date on technology, but it can overpower what the students actually want considering that many of us prefer paper and pencil to the fancy technology devices they give us. Overall, my experience there wasn't anything to really remember, it was simply just my four high school years.
I love the technology that was available as well as the teachers. Classes were at the perfect level, not to challenging and not to easy. Overall I had a good experience with Central York.
Central York is a terrific school district, dedicated to the success and achievements of its students. They provide their students with all of the resources and materials that they need to perform beyond expectations. The teachers are truly preparing the students for college by providing SAT prep, AP exam reviews, and tons of one-on-one tutoring. The overall school environment is very comfortable and safe. Likewise, it's a diverse district with people of all backgrounds. If I must say something that I would like to change about the district, it would be all the use of electronics in the classroom. The students are all greatly exposed to electronics, however, I am not entirely in favor of their desire to go paperless. Ipads and laptops became a huge aspect of the classroom and although they may help enhance the learning experience, I still prefer the traditional way of learning, pen and paper. I think electronics can easily become a major distraction in the classroom.
They provide us with incredible facilities and technology. I feel as though I was definitely well prepared for college, as they offered a wide array of courses including AP, dual enrollment, and college in the high school classes. The clubs are amazing, have a bunch and new ones are constantly being created by the student body.
Overall I have had a good experience at Central. I have been in the district my entire k-12 life. The only issue I have personally experienced is the segregation of popular kids vs non. But I believe that is something that has been for generations.
I was very blessed to gain an education from such a wonderful school. With ample opportunities to be involved and achieve my goals, my only wish is that the school and staff would put more logic behind their thoughts. They have many ambitious ideas, but don't always think through logistically.
As a transfer student, I can highly recommend it! I wish I would've moved sooner. For all of the little things here and there that bug me, it's always good to say that the staff and administration work hard to help me.
I enjoyed the opportunities that were provided by Central York School District. Every student is exposed to electronics and real world issues without having to pay extra money for it. The teachers are also very caring and empathetic to issues a child might be having. However, there is a slight spending problem at the high school. Central's money priorities need to change and not just provide for the sports team. Also, the cafeteria is something that needs to be fixed. At one point, there was mold in my chicken sandwich. I also had a ham sandwich that had plastic in it and when I traded it in for another, it was frozen.
Central York School District is a great environment for learners. I have been in this district my whole life and have had a positive experience throughout my entire school career. The teachers all have the same goal in mind, which is to get the students ready for college and the real world. I haven't had any problems receiving the education I feel is necessary for me to continue on after graduating from high school.
My students completed all requirements for graduation. One of my students btook advantage of the opportunity to earn a welding certificate at a local vow tech while taking his core classes at Central. I feel as though my students received adequate preparation for the futures they chose after graduation.
I really liked the versatility of the classes and schedules. I liked the freedom we had, it was more like a college schedule rather than a high school schedule. We could choose to do regular classes, online classes, or self paced classes. This was a really good option to have, considering everyone's learning style is different
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Central is very good at trying to envision the future of education, from finding ways to integrate technology, to allowing students the freedom to customize their classes and schedules.
I loved how supportive and helpful some of the teachers, and guidance counselor at Central York High School were to me. I also love being a part of the Lacrosse team.
As a parent I feel the electronic way of learning is setting our children up for failure. It enables them to learn how to spell on their own or even think about how to write. There are benefits to having the electronic devices, but there are more reasons that they are not beneficial for learning and obtaining information and skills later in life.
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