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I have gotten a great education in my last 7 years of being in the Central Valley School District and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Ive always been bullied from the usual districts I go to. Upon starting the Hawthorne District I was always shy but managed to find friends, which of whom I still walk along side with down the school hallways. My school in particular, Leuzinger Highschool-Home of the Olympians, is the best in the district. There is'nt any drama or Typical High school contreversaries that most of us are all too familiar with. I can also honestly say that a majority of the suff actualy care for your well-being in tems and of your academic career and Mental Health
CV school district offers a wide variety of classes for students to explore their career options and learn what they do and don’t like. They offer AP classes and a running start program. The schools are always preparing students for their next step. However, post graduation they do a poor job of showing students their options. Teachers and advisors push college as the only option and tell you you’ll fail if you don’t go to college. They make a great effort to push scholarships as well, but fail to give students resources to find those scholarships. As a past student I was extremely unimpressed by the career couselor and how he talks to students that don’t have a 4.0 or further education plan.
The majority of the teachers are very supportive of students and willing to help them catch up on their studies. The sports program is wonderful and the coaches are amazing.
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Open lines of communication between teachers and family. Easy access to view child's progress. Great opportunities for academic, athletic, and leadership achievements. Great resources for college readiness. Many options for alternative learning in the district. Many opportunities are given to the children to be great members of their communities.
University High School has been one wild ride, that's for sure. I am this year's fill-in ASB President, and I personally feel like a lot of issues this year could have been avoided by having a teacher who wasn't ready to mentally check out.
They were very helpful with my transfer credits and worked hard to help me fill in the gaps to graduate on time.
I like it. It has good ways of helping other students out. i love Central Valley School District.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They don’t care greatly about their students. The staff can be terrible and rude. Food is horrific as to be expected. Safety is iffy. College readiness is pretty much a joke. Otherwise the clubs and certain teachers are a blessing.
Central Valley School District was a great place to grow up in. The teachers are very supportive and care deeply about the students and their education. There is a focus on not just one aspect of the school, but many. Education is very important to CV, but so is school involvement: for example clubs, sports, extracirricular activities. Overall CV is a great environment that encourages furthering education.
The Central Valley School District was a great place to grow up. The community is very involved with the schools activities and proudly sponsors the students that attend their schools. I was very involved in high school at central valley high school. I was involved in ASB Leadership, Green Team, Key Club, Project Unified, Volleyball, and Softball. The Help of many teachers that dedicate their time after school is what made all these programs possible.
I attended Central Valley School district for the entirety of my early childhood education. The curriculum was always on par for every grade level and I know I received the best education in the area. The teachers are very supportive and you can tell that they care very much about each and every student. It is very easy to make friends in Central Valley because every body is so tight knit that it is like a family.
I really enjoy Central Valley high school because of the politeness and affection the teachers and staff give to the students here. I would recommend this school to any parents just moving into the area. I feel that I have made friends here that I will know for the rest of my life.
I had a very good experience in Central Valley School District. I found teachers to be dedicated and invested in not only their students success but each students learning and understanding of all subjects. Programs that are available to students provide opportunities for them to excel but also to be challenged. The only problems I have come to with Central Valley School District is the issues of over crowded schools. Elementary, Middle, and High schools are over populated creating cramped classrooms that can distract from learning.
I love the ability to take a wide range of classes which educate me about possible career options out of high school. Many of these classes allow for students to get good paying jobs directly out of high school, which is something I'm hoping to do. The worst part is the overcrowding of the school. Class sizes are extremely large and many students cannot get into the classes they want to because they are all full.
What I like about my school is the resource they have and how the try hard to get the students involve and also make it comfortable for everyone to be involved. The safety is very profound and the campus has been my 3 years of going there.
I have 2 kids, my daughter is a Sophmore at the High School and my son goes to Adams Elementary. I also have 7 nieces and nephews in Central Valley. It is an amazing school. My son has a learning disability and they have been working with him since kindergarten and he has made so much progress because they take the time to learn who my son is and what helps him learn.
There are some bullying issues, but that’s inevitable. The sports are alright, but it’s unfair when one team is drastically better than the other because of the coaching difference, and that’s never changed. Most of the students in my school are Caucasian, I’d say about 90 percent. When I was in elementary school, the food was disgusting, but it’s gotten better in middle school.
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I love the teachers and admin of CVSD. They are very kind and I can tell they genuinely caring about my learning and my growth as a student.
My experience with this school district has been great. The only thing I would like to see changed is the policy about the senior projects/ high school and beyond plan.
The Central Valley School district is an amazing schooling environment and I couldn't be happier with my education from it. It has friendly teachers, excellent extracurricular activities and spectacular course content and class subjects. The school district made me an incredible student and I have gained so much from it.
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