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Central Union High School District Reviews

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Central Union High School district isn't just another ordinary school district, it one of the best school districts there is. For instance, the school that I go to that is a part of the district is a school named Southwest High School and it is just unique because in this school there isn't just the common core classes but there are different classes such as culinary arts, Spanish , French, agriculture, and a dance performance team named Savap.
I liked that it has many opportunities for many students to be involved more in the community or to have fun.
Central Union High School. Very Good school. School officials try their best to make each student feel comfortable and most important, help them to understand.The word "sparta" is an acronym for the school's learning goals for students. Each letter represents a goal for the student as well as for the teacher, to help students. Not only that, but whenever a student needs help, teachers or other people on campus, are willing to help without complains.

Teachers are accessible for changes to their own schedule, meaning, even if they have to leave, a student needs them, and they will try their best to stay.. If the teacher itself cannot be there when the students needs him/her, there’s always tutors available and that work together with teachers, knowing their plan.

Although its a good school, not all students get involved in the activities ASB sometimes makes during lunch. I think the school needs more spirit, more ways to get everyone involved, different activities.
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What I like about my district is the fact that one of the schools which is the one I go to offers the IB program. Something I would change is the parent involvement.
I had a very good experience at Central. I was able to play football, soccer, and baseball all four years I attended. I had a ton of friends who I played sports with. It was a safe school where I really learned a lot especially from my teachers I had senior year. The teachers there really care for you and want to see you succeed. I can say they have prepared me and gave me the best learning experience they can give.
I would like to see an improvement on the counseling department. They need to expect more from the students and not ask for the minimal, they only inform you about the high school requiremnts and not A-G. By the time students find out its too late for them to do anything about their chances to complete them.
My experience at Southwest so far in three years have been good because of the diversity it has. I also did enjoy making new friends over the past three years at this school. I hope that my senior year will be better than good.
"Through these gates pass the best students in the world..." It cannot be better said than the quote above, found at Central Union High School's main entrance. I say it with the whole hearted truth when I say that all my academic accomplishments I owe to Central's staff and precedents. Ending junior year with a 4.5 GPA, 3 scholarships, multiple awards and amazing relationships with the teachers, counselors and students, I have to thank Central for their strong philosophy of success and morale.
I like how the high school district here is Unified throught the entire Imperial Valley. This is consisting of 2 different high schools under the same district. I like how supportive the schools are to thier students, providing many opportunties to make a successful college life. I have been provided with very good opportunities and fun programs in order to make a secure and prosperic future in my life. I would like to see more attention to social problems that the students may have. This may be drama, Bullying, Deppression, Drug addiction, and self- harm. This can be by providing a school psychologist that the students can feel safe talking to.
My school district has built me and helped me grow. In that process, it had negative and positive impacts on me. These positive and negative impacts were direct from teachers who either supported me or frowned upon me. I had this belief where all teachers are supposed to support, guide, and encourage students to do their best but some teachers just put students down instead of up.
Honestly, it was all that I hoped high school would be. I learn and I grow along with all the friends I made along the way. It was fun and exciting and it helped me find out what I wanted to do in life. There are lots of opportunities here and I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend here.
I love that Central is a school that makes you feel proud to be latino. There are different opportunities to seek advice from any teacher and can trust them significantly. The food overall wasntthe best as sometimes it was soggy or rather odd-tasting. Overall, I enjoy the clubs and activities Central has to offer.
CUHS is a great school from academics to the staff, the teachers have experienced, the counselors worry about their students, and the students socialize within them.
My experience at CUHS wasn't the best socially from 9th to 11th grade. I was bullied during my sophomore year but the schopl was quick to take action and I no longer had to worry much about my harrassers. I had difficult times during my academic life, but this school has so many programs to help you pass and get into college. The teachers always offered to help at any time. I went from a struggling student to an achieving one.
What I like about Central Union High School is the fact that we have many CTE courses we can take for our future careers. I took Introduction to Food my junior year and I am currently enrolled in Advanced Culinary Arts.
I like the diversity within my school. There is many different cultures around just by walking in passing periods. I would like to see the clubs change because they aren’t invlolved in the school like I wish they would be.
My experience was good due to the fact that the academics were great. Overall though, my experience with the staff wasn't so good.
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I really enjoyed attending Central Union High all my four years of high school. The safety and bright environment never made me regret attending. The people are easy to get along with and the teachers nice enough to create a bond. There isn’t much I would change about my school but maybe start new clubs and be able to have more academics resources available for ALL students.
As a graduate student from CUHS, I have to admit that it’s one of the best high school in the Imperial Valley. The teachers overall were excellent on teaching us on the subject on the regular classes, Honor classes, and AP classes. There are moments that the teachers coexist with the student after school. The student are very diverse in this school, there are many ethnicity, and everyone start to socialize since most of them know each other since elementary. School safety is also perfect, since there’s the police officer on campus where he’s checking the situation.
Central is so far a pretty good school. The teachers know what they’re doing and there’s no bullying. Students and teachers are all kind and considerate.
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