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Great overall experience. The teacher are invested in the students. There sport program are great.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Made me feel comfortable and provided me with some very influencial teachers and staff. I think a better support system for all students would be a great improvement to the district.
Central has great teachers and staff, as well as classes. Central could improve students' behavior more.
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During school here, I was able to be part of a diverse community. Everyone who attends feels welcomed and not judged by anyone. I was able to enjoy my four years of high school with amazing friends. As well as I was a part of the school's Mexican Folkloric Dance where I met many close friends and I was able to keep in touch with my culture by expressing it through dance. The school has teachers that want to help you get to college. I still talk to my teachers even if they were my freshmen teachers. They're goal is to help you as much as they can, but inspire you to work hard.
Being taught at this district for 8 years had given me a good start for my future education and career. They offered a good amount of programs and tried to implement new ones while I was there. The advance placement courses that they had were given to well educated teachers and had experience with getting students prepared for the ap tests at the end of the years. The only thing that I would say was a downfall of the district would be the size and lack of programs other schools in the area had offered.
I would like to change the fact that we can’t wear red at school but I like that the sports teams are good
Central Unified has been where I’ve been all my 12 years of school. The environment is a good learning environment. The teachers, staff, and expectations were great role models. Sports were very competitive and class of 2018 has made history. Academics were as important and everyone was always learningg.
Central Unified does an excellent job of encompassing all types of students. However, it could introduce new curriculum for students as time goes by.
CUSD is a great school district that I would highly recommend because they had everything I was looking for. The sports, the classes and the diversity.
I really like the teachers and how they teach and interact with the students. You make a lot of new friends. The experiences you get at the campus are amazing with the school spirit everyone gives.
Central high school is a great school. the teachers are very good and the buildings are new. It is easy to get around and the people there are very welcoming. The lunch there is good and it has many options. The majority of the staff is out going and nice.
I had an overall great time at the school because I was with my friends and participated in various sports. However, the school is overcrowded and various teachers have to share class rooms.
I have been in the Central Unified School District since 2nd grade and I love it. The admin, teachers, and fellow students have become such great friends and family to me. Compared to other districts in the area, Central is relatively successful in their activities but is not extremely competitive. Therefore, it’s easy for one student to stand out within their peers. The one thing that takes away from the district is the current conflict happening with our board and the changes they are striving to make which many Central families have spoken up against.
I attened from kindergarden till my senior year. I have learned so much a long the way and the teachers have taught me a lot too. My experience at Central West was one that I enjoyed to most. The admin and teachers pushed students to their best and provided them with numerous resources to help them succeed.
I went to Central West High school but it wouldn't let me search it up, but overall I loved my experience in high school specially my freshman year I made so many memories and met a lot of great people. But when my senior year hit I was scared because at that moment I know life was going to began but I had my favorite teacher by my side to help me over come that and for that I am grateful because I had a choice to go to a different school but I choice Central instead.
I really appreciate the amount of time and care the staff and faculty take out of their day for the students. Yes this is their job but almost every time I’ve had a problem, my school has been able to solve it from k-12 grade. My schools always have resources for when I need help with classes, clubs, sports, etc. I would change requirements for ap teachers because some teachers teach the ap course as a training for the ap test and others teach it just for preparation for college, therefore I think there should be a rule about how the teachers guide their courses.
I joined the central unified district in my freshmen year. I have to say central high school east/west is a good school. It has diversity and many electives for different types of people.
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Central Unified School District is the best when it comes to helping us being prepared for college and for our future careers. Plus, teachers out there are great!
Central Unified is purely an average school. They could do 10x better if they wanted to but they choose not to. I feel like they don't really care about the students and it's mainly about money to them.
I have enjoyed some of the teachers, they are close with the students and are easy to talk to. Everyone is helpful in the offices as well. I enjoy the clubs and activities they give at the schools, they keep the student involved in everything they do. What I would like to see changed is the food. I personally don't like old milk and don't like to have to check the expiration date everyone before drinking it. I also wish they gave better breakfast in the mornings I don't think bosco sticks is healthy. I would also like to see the elementary schools be more serious about bully there. Having to grow up being bullied and having no one believing you because the other kids are older is unfair to the smaller kid.
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