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Central Islip Union Free School District Reviews

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The central islip school is a very diverse school. Academically it is a good school that offers various amount of help for evry student.
Growing up I liked going to Central Islip school district but I feel like we didn’t have a lot of exposure ,I wish I got a scholarship to play basketball at a decent school, but everything happens for a reason.
Staff teachers try extremely hard to push us students to do our very best. A few more extracurricular activities would very much be a plus.
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I like that they have teachers that care. What I mean by this is most teachers are willing to stay after school to help their students and want them to do the best they can. I would like them to improve the look of the school what I mean by this is, either changing or painting the lockers to a more appealing color. Just making the school seem more approachable.
Central Islip high school is one of a kind. Central Islip has the biggest heart, and a diversity like no other, it’s not a perfect school, but the teachers put their work into the students, Central Islip is one of a kind “Diversity is our strength”
I don’t mind it, it’s not dangerous but there are many teachers who don’t teach and a lot of disorganization in the school.
Central Islip school district is one of the most diverse schools on the Island, locally you can't get any more diverse. there is a strong focus on education if you are willing to the put in the work, that being said due to overcrowding and some bad eggs the school left many people behind
It was very diverse, also teachers are very kind and will help an extra hand to one of the students. By the end of senior year, You will have favorited some teachers and have made some good memories along the way.
The Central Islip School District offers loads of help and opportunities to all students to help them become more responsible. Each school is very diverse which allows all students to fit in easily and feel more comfortable. The teachers are great and very supportive.
What I liked about the Central Islip Union Free School District is that my high school has provided me with many opportunities. I've had many educational and personal opportunities that have helped me. What Central Islip could do better is work on their guidance department when having seniors going off to college. I had to figure everything out on my own since I wasn't really helped throughout my senior year my guidance counselor did as little as possible in my opinion.
I would like to see better security, but overall I loved attending. The teachers are amazing. THey become like our second parents. I always go to them to talk or advice, whatever it is, I know they'll always be there and have my back no matter what the situation is.
I am a senior at the Central Islip High School and I have to say that it was quite amazing. Nothing is more diverse than this school, which will prepare anybody for the real world. Every day is a great day at my high school because the administrators make you feel welcome. The counselors are receptive and will be more than happy to help their students succeed. My only concern is that the food choices are very limited, but this is not a major issue. The graduation rate has increased over the years because of the encouraging adults. These four years of my life are one of the greatest, but this is just the beginning.
i had fun the teachers were great but the food was awful and there werent enough sports i wanted to play lacrosse in highschool but we didnt have that so i settled for track and swimming and while swimming was amazing i wish i had a better alternative to track and field
All the teachers are nice. The counselor's are very helpful. Students are very friendly with each other. The science department is great. The school is clean and helpful. The English and history teachers are extremely helpful.
I like the fact that the school is very diverse. it also has a wide range of sports and i feel like if your a new student you would be welcomed to go there. the faculty and staff support you 100 percent and they make sure to get you college ready.
I liked being surrounded by a variety of cultures in the Central Islip School District. I dislike that Central Islip is looked down upon as a bad school. There are many students that have graduated from this high school and have went to the top colleges in the country.
The teacher's there are fairly phenomenal, most are kind and legitimately care for their students. The student's on the other hand, are disrespectful and very rude. The guidance counselors and school's overall preparation for college is nearly nonexistent.
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I like being a part of the Central Islip District. I'll always love the amount of diversity within the high school. Most teachers there are helpful and want to see the students succeed. It is a great school with tons of fun activities and sports to do as well. All of the sports teams have been achieving big things and going far during my school year. I hope to see the Central Islip School District to continue being great and get better and higher than it is now in it's future.
I've been in the school district here since Kindergarten. Throughout all my schooling, I've had amazing teachers who were very involved in my academics and my overall wellbeing and I am still in contact with a vast majority of them. Central Islip has accumulated a very bad reputation, but I can honestly say after living here almost my entire life that it not nearly as bad as people assume. We pursue all the same talent, knowledge, and aspirations as other districts. The one advantage we do hold over others is our diversity and acceptance here. There certainly is a place for everyone.
I've grown up in Central Islip all my life. From experience, I can say that this school district is good. However, Central Islip still has a lot to work on to become one of the more well-known districts.
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