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Central Heights Independent School District Reviews

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I love my school because most of the teachers go above and beyond to make sure their students are well equipped for college. Specifically, the Chemistry and Physics teacher even develops personal relationships with the students and gives great advice. Overall, the faculty are top knotch and so are the facilities.
I have been at Central Heights since kindergarten. It is a great school. The teachers are kind and very good at what they do. The student interaction was great since it is such a small school. Everyone knows everyone and so on.
My experience at central height high school is amazing. there are so many people here and they are all so kind and respectful. the teachers love their jobs and are awesome at teacher their students. extracurricular activities here at central heights are so much fun. the food is so good at lunch.
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Excellent preparation for college. Many exceptional teachers and just a few not so much exceptional teachers.

Project-based learning is evident in many classes. Some coaches teaching history are just along for the ride.

Not a lot of extra-curricular course offerings, but they provide dual credit courses with SFA.
Not only is it an ideal campus for your children to attend, it also has a tight knit community that is full of amazing people and a strong Christian atmosphere
I've gone to Central Heights High School since Pre-Kindergarten, and it was a very small school then. There has never been much diversity. Of course, you have a few people of color, but not very many. There aren't many poc on the sports teams either. Central Heights revolves around sports, therefore there's not much funding for any of the other activities such as band and theatre. On the bright side, there are a handful of amazing teachers. Most of the teachers at Central Heights are very understanding and will help a student in any way they possibly can. Whether they're having trouble with schoolwork or there are problems at home, there's always a teacher they can rely on.
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