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My experience as a student in the Central Falls School District was amazing. Every single staff member who is a part of the district is dedicated to their job. They’re there to help the students. They are there regardless of what anyone has to say about Central Falls because they love what they do and want to see their kids thrive!
I love the fact of it being a small school.It makes easier to know everybody and have more time with the teachers and other staffs.
I would love to change the conditions of the school.
Central falls high school, is a school that is well diverse however mostly Hispanics. The high school is very small its 2017 senior class there was only 153 kids. The school has different clubs and activities going from the fashion club to sign language, Caverdian student association, chest club, Laso which is another multicultural group and many more clubs that gives kids opportunity's to learn about different clubs and organizations. Its a school in a square mile city so it doesn't have a lot of money or tons of sports teams, it has soccer for both girls and boys, football, track and field, a girls volleyball team and cheer leading. These students that goes there like i myself who used to attend school over there, we didn't have much but a huge dream. That's whats makes the central Falls middy warriors special their all kids who comes from a small city who has big dreams.
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I like Central Falls High school because is a grate place for everyone even if you are not from this country.
In Central Falls High School I have some of the greates teachers. Teachers at CFHS help students to learn more and have the ability to work in group. Central falls high school have college advisers that help you with anything to do with college like finishing the college essay, sign up for scholarships.
I like the teachers working at my school. They are very helpful and they actually care for the students. These teachers do the best they can to make our school year successful. The community in my school is very diverse. Many different people from different places come together in class to work together. Sport events are very fun and exciting. The programs here are very beneficial. For example, there is the SMILE program, Kids In The Canyon, chess, yearbook.etc.
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