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Most teachers cared about their students and enjoyed helping students inside and outside of academics. Discipline on students needs to be improved.
Some of the teachers in the school don’t care about their jobs and don’t care if students learn the material or just memorize it
The district is Very focused on improving test scores rather than the child as a whole. There is a lot of time spend on the computer on test improvement programs rather than actually working with the child.
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Central Dauphin School District has many honorable, amazing teachers. However, there are a few that don't meet the requirements of a teacher that prepares and enlightens students with knowledge for college. They treat us as if it is simply a salary and use it to fulfill their need for power over vulnerable teenagers. I wish more consideration would go into selecting teachers because I know that there is not a lack of people wiling to take the job, and do much better at it as well. Lastly, extra credit was taken away, and as someone who is absent frequently because of illness, having that option would be very useful.
I transferred from Middletown Area School District last year and I've seen many differences between the two. Overall I believe they have really supportive teachers that'll help you accomplish anything if you just ask. The academics were also wonderful to me because I was able to learn without getting frustrated or stressed out due to the amount of work or not getting the information given. The faculty and staff all together keep up on each and every student in the school and try their hardest to make sure each child is able to walk that stage but at the same time they give you some freedom. The only thing I despise about Central Dauphin is the diversity between the kids is very uneven.
Central Dauphin offers a wide variety in academics, clubs, and sports! The teachers are involved and are always available to help students properly understand the material and the learning environment is wonderful.
I love the diversity and exposure of East High. It provides you with insight to various cultures that one may not get to learn about elsewhere. I would like to see a change in academics. I think teaching needs to be more thorough and fit the needs of more kinds of students.
I wish there would be more diversity. There already is but I wish it was more accepted and broadcasted. Recently there has been several clubs created to help expedite this goal. For example, Destroy the Hate, African American Heritage Club, UNICEF club, Female Empowerment Club and Art Outreach Club. All good clubs dedicated to making the school a more diverse and maybe exciting experience.
Central Dauphin provides a satisfactory high school experience. The teachers could be a little better as most of them do not care about their job. School safety wasn't always a top priority, they care more about how big the rips in your jeans are. The school's administration is a bright spot although most of the secretaries are rude and the counselors are often hard to reach without an appointment.
There is a large sense of community Between classmates and schools. The music program is top-notch. The teachers there always strive for excellence in their students and their work.
The only thing is that since there's so many schools, we definitely need more fund for the budget, but the learning environment is pretty good.
I would like to see some of the curiculum change in order to get new children ready to take on college.
Would like the math program to change. Also would like them to prepare students better for test taking.
I had an overall great experience in my school. I went to Central Dauphin East High. What I loved most about my school was the diversity. There were kids from so many different countries and they all brought something different to our school. I loved learning about their cultures and how their up-bringings varied from mine. This is what made my experience so memorable.
I really don't like Central Dauphin. The best thing about it is being involved on a sports team. Teachers don't like to teach and are not that willing to help except for a few.
Food is terrible. Pepperoni pizza was green.
I would like to see future students receive more guidance in either applying for college or better transitioning in to the work force.
I attended Central Dauphin School District for approximately 3 years. My experience was great. The teachers and educators were extremely interested in not only your success as a student, as your success as an individual after graduation. During my time in the district I played JV, and Varsity football to which the coaches were phenomenal. The central message that was instilled into the team players was academics prevailed over the game. We were taught to respect each player as we respected ourselves, and demonstrate integrity into our communities. What I have learned and gained from the influential people serving in this district is respect, integrity, and commitment that I shall continue to display with pride.
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The teachers are great and the principals are really dedicated to keeping the school safe. Centra Dauphin is rated one of the top high schools in the area. We moved to my current house because this school district is supposed to be one of the best.
pretty much decent. Nothing great, but nothing really bad. Overall its just so average like I can't say its bad but I can't really say its great either.
Graduate of Central Dauphin High School. Stayed within school district whole childhood and received a good education with excellent counciling and teachers.
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