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Kirtland Central High School, a part of the Central Consolidated school district is a good school for sports. The school has a long history of girl's basketball, and it was a great experience. The teachers, students, and the community are always involved in the games and the traditions that it holds. The teachers were always helpful. No change. The school does whatever it can for the students to be safe.
With Covid-19 hitting the reservation hard, the schools weren't prepared for starting school. They're behind on everything.
My experience at central consolidated school district in Shiprock, New Mexico was good. The school is well structured and serious with its education, making class time your main priority everyday. The school is well influenced by my Navajo culture because the school is mostly occupied by Native Americans. There are good sources you can reach out for Academics, council, higher education courses, and personal health. The staff are great and take time to help/ reach out to the students. The sports programs at shiprock high school are excellent because they offer football,basketball,wrestling, track, volleyball, and baseball/softball for the students. Those that are from out of town or not from the central consolidated school district can stay at the dorms at North west high school and go to shiprock high school or either one.
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Central schools is a great environment for learning. They strive to college success for all students. They provide extracurricular activities for all students and ages. Especially for their native culture. In sports, they strive to the "compete with class." Teachers do their best in teaching students. They keep contact with students with apps, email. The district is a good district in academics, activites, and throughout the community.
I like going to school at Kirtland central high school in the central consolidated school district. We have teachers who care about my education and have thought me a lot, and have helped shape me into the person I am today. They have also helped me to figure out what I would like to do after high school.
My experience with Central Consolidated Schools was good but could've been better. It was not great but not bad either, it was balanced, average I would say. There were times when the rules and regulations made no sense or was a waste of resources. Safety seemed of high importance but was administered in a very ridiculous manner that would cause students to be delayed to class, which could've been avoided, but the district was set on the idea. What I would've liked to see change would be the importance of safety being shown in a more student reliable way rather than delaying students to class, for example instead of locking the doors, internal and external, that students use to get to class to class, they could have one teacher monitor each hall until the class begins.
What i like about Kirtland Central High School is that the school is very diverse in a way that everybody accepts different cultures. What i also like about Kirtland Central High School is that the teachers and staff are very supportive.
I go to Kirtland Central High School, which is a school that is in the Central Consolidated School District. The facility is well kept, the staff is helpful, and the school has a lot to offer.
I like the environment and energy that is put forth through the student that attend the school also the effort of the staff within the schools in the district the most interesting school and sports teams is the Newcomb Skyhawks.
They really do their best for the students to let them learn in school. They try their best to let the students stay in school. Want the students to come out the school and think that they actually learned something.
Of what I like about the school district is that it has buses that takes many people to school because we all live in a rural area.
There is a lot of support for sports, but not for much else. A large portion of students are Native American, so we do get a lot of funding. The district has a hard time retaining teachers and administrators.
I transferred as a senior at Shiprock High School in the fall of 2017. Transferring from a private school to a public school, I saw huge differences personally. I liked the sense of community and especially the GEAR UP program. My sister also transferred with me to CCSD and she has had more exposure to college readiness events and programs, a challenging academic curriculum, and the competitiveness of sports in volleyball and basketball. Although this is my first year here, the district is always ensuring they are doing their best to provide students and parents with the best care possible academically, socially, and physically.
The school district of Central Consolidated Schools is average. They are based in Shiprock, NM, which is a town on the Navajo Reservation, meaning that they do not have to heed by the national requirements, however, for the most part they do follow these requirements. This school is quick easy to get by in, as most teachers don't feel the need nor care to assign home work, and when they do, the just let us do it in class. This causes most of the students to breeze by every class very easily.
The Central Consolidated Schools are the only schools that do not keep up with technology or cleanliness. The lack of teacher student relationship is awful as some teachers do not help their struggling students. The school is an out of date bug infested school that deserves to be remodeled or shut down.
It is a great district, I have gone here ever since I was in pre-k, I have not had an issue with them before and I would recommend that if you are serious about education you won't be disappointed.
Pretty decent. Don't expect the most high quality education. There are still good and caring teachers, just plenty of kids who don't care about what they are doing.
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Needs more ethnic ability to withdraw students from everyday life. School here was hard enough but then again it has gotten be through tough times. I am glad to have been able to be part of its many obstacles and had the time to get through them.
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