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The atmosphere is very welcoming. As a transfer student, getting to know the students, faculty, and stuff was great. The school is nothing short of amazing and fun for all types of students. There is sporting events and academic events.
I have attended this school system since fourth grade with an IEP. I had help from school system administration to the teachers that were understanding to help when I needed it. There are several people who have helped get me where I am today.
What I liked about it was that it gives kids an opportunity to do what they want to do before going to college. For example, I want to be a pediatrician there are classes that i can take that would give me college hours.
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Overall, my 4 years with the school system has been good. Teachers are involved and attentive to students and make sure to prepare us for exams and state tests. two things that I feel strongly about that should change are the food and sports. Out of my 4 years of High School, I only ate the school lunch my first year. It was horrible and sometimes spoiled or expired. I would really wish to see that change after I leave or as soon as possible considering student's health and wellness should be a number one priority. Another thing that affected me personally was the money put into sports teams. The administration does not like putting very much money into the sports department even if the money is there to spend. Multiple opportunities have been given in order to upgrade our facilities but the superintendent would not allow it. I believe that sports are a main part of the high school experience and also something that could shape a student's future.
Inclusion for special needs kids is desperately needed. Easier transition from one school to next is needed for special needs kids. Safety for special needs kids needs to be addressed. There are bullying problems that need to be addressed.
Central Community Public Schools have changed my life completely. The staff is wonderful because they care about your future plans. They have helped me through the toughest moments in my senior year. They offer free tutoring to anyone and everyone. Overall, this school is excellent.
Central Community School System provided me with an excellent education throughout my time there (5th-12th grade). All of the teachers I've had have always been willing to help me in any way possible, and wanted to ensure their students got a quality learning experience. Most importantly, I love the close knit community that surrounds CCSS. Everyone is extremely friendly, and we always come together during events such as football, Christmas, etc.
I like that Central offers me the opportunities to expand my horizon. The education I have gotten from Central so far is a lot better than my last school. Everything about Central has proven to me that Central is an excellent school.
I was a student at Central High School and I personally loved being a part of the Wildcats. The teachers were great, the organizations fit every interest of the students and the administration was fair and helpful. 10/10 would recommend!
You can easily make friends and everyone is nice for the most part but it's a lot of mess and the teachers mainly show that they care about you but some are racist but it's a very good school for the most part.
Teachers were very helpful if you didn't understand something. They need a better online class system.
Central strives for excellence in their students. The teachers take a genuine interest in students. The community rallies together when adversity hits the area.
I came to Central starting out as a freshman. I had grown up in a small town in north Louisiana and had always known everyone. Moving to a new school, as you can imagine, made quite an impact on my life. Central was a big school and I knew no one. Now, I am a senior at Central High school. I cheered, was on Student Council, and in many other clubs. To say Central welcomed me into their arms is an understatement. This feels like my home now. I love the culture, community, and everything about Central. This past school year, my sister got very sick and had to be in the hospital in north Louisiana. Both my parents were up there taking care of her so I stayed down here since I had to go to school. I never once felt like I did not have someone checking up on me or caring for me. Central wrapped their arms around me through a tough time and I will forever be grateful for that. I love central schools and I hope one day when I have kids, they can go to a school that is like Central.
Central Community Public Schools are the best public schools in the area. Their goal is to prepare you for college and real world events.
My experience in Central Community School System has been very good so far. The schools do need more diversity because there is not much. Also, the food for us could be better. All in all, the school and district is a very good environment and has great academic background.
At every school I attended, teachers and staff members were motivated and helpful. While the high school may need some renovation, it is still fully functional. Students were generally pretty motivated and there was a lot of focus on seniors and post-secondary education.
If you any of the Central Community Public Schools, you will be safe and feel as if you are part of a family. If there are any issues, the administration will handle them professionally and as soon as possible. I was dealing with a bully during my 8th and 9th grade year, and the vice principals took it upon themselves to help me, even though they could've easily just let the teachers handle it. They wanted to make sure I was alright. The administrators, teachers, and staff want to be on a personal level with the students. From simple good morning to pulling a student to the side and asking how they are doing. They care. They want you to feel like you have someone to come to. Being at these schools feel like a second home.
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The Central Community School System fully prepared me for college while also giving me many amazing memories. The faculty and staff truly care about the success and well-being of their students. There are a lot of extracurricular options available to students, and most of them provide incentive to excel in their academics. I wouldn't trade my time there for anything in the world!
Being a senior at Central High School, I have had a very positive experience. I have always had wonderful teachers who went the extra mile to ensure I understood every concept and felt prepared for every test. I really liked how Central offered such a variety of class courses; there is really something for everyone. I have been able to take many college courses so I will have a head start for the coming years. Central has allowed me to form so many friendships and be really involved in clubs and sports.
The school's atmosphere is dead. School is very traditional when it comes to how activities are run an d the students are bored.
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