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The school lacks technology. Teachers won't adjust to new ways to teach your child. You will find the administration is only out for the good of making himself look good. He is a micro manager and the teachers are his puppets. He will not even take the advise of a trained medical professional. The special education director will not even hear your concerns. They will go into meetings and have made up their minds before you even start the meeting. When you know your child best. If you have a problem you can take it all the way to the school board and you will never hear a word from them. IEP's will be copied and pasted by the director of special education. You will be told by the Superintendent that they have failed your child. You will be told lies. No one is held accountable for anything at this school. This administration teaches it is ok to bully and that you don't have to follow rules.
The school district is becoming very progressive. Four years ago the school and community were in dire straits for a variety of reasons. With new leadership, we are seeing extremely positive changes. The Career Pathways Initiative is just one of the ideas that will be reality in the near future.
The experience that I have had here at Central City Public Schools has been very pleasant. I have enjoyed the community that it is in, and I loved that there was about a 14:1 student to teacher ratio. There was always a teacher willing to help me out.
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What I liked about my high school experience would be that I wouldn't want to go to some other high school. I wouldn't have changed where I went to high school for anything. What I liked about my school was that there is still some freedom without going overboard. It has wonderful teachers that care for the students and want the best for them. We have a high success rate on standardized tests so we have a good academic program. Everyone in our school has a good bond and we are close nit group of friends. We have a lot of people in sports because we are a small school, but that has only made us closer.
While Central City attempts to carry out policies that are protective and beneficial to students, I think that they have done a mediocre at best job of it. The school has made strides in equalizing the attention and recognition of Fine Arts and sports, it is my true opinion that they still have quite a long ways to go in that area.
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