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Central Cass School District No. 17 Reviews

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Central Cass High School is a great small town school, which has come a long long way - now offering AP and dual credit classes to juniors and seniors.
I would however like to see more availability of AP and dual credit courses and maybe it would be nice if they dropped the minimum age of 16, since I am a young senior and will graduate at age 17!
Central Cass is a great school, the teachers and students are all very friendly. The teachers also take the time to get to know and help each student.
I enjoy my teachers because they take the time to connect with their students, but most of the administration do not take the time to connect with the students. It seems they care more about color schemes and outward appearance than student experience and education.
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I have found that is difficult to go to the administration when there is an issue with a teacher, they will side with the teacher most always
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