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Central Cambria School District Reviews

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Everything at Central was okay. Nothing stood out to me. I mostly did not like the other students or the small community.
Central Cambria did an alright job at preparing me for college, it made the transition seem less and easier than other schools did for friends I have
Overall a very good school. I loved the teachers I had when I went here. I plan on sending my children here, if I am still in the area.
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Central Cambria is a friendly school that accepts people for who they are. They have really good sports teams.
Central Cambria is a safe school district and provides education to the students that help them to grow as an individual and to prepare for college. The guidance office is the most helpful as to answering my questions about future plans with going on to college and for information about scholarships and as well as volunteer opportunities. From experience, this school aids students to success.
Quite a few things that I would love to see changed such as the parking passes and all of the punishments that aren’t applied to all students. Other than that, quality education for a public school. I feel very ready for college.
Central Cambria is a great school district with a staff that goes beyond what is required to connect with students and improve upon education. The teachers and staff are involved in clubs and organizations and often show up to after school activities just to support the school activities. Central Cambria has a great sports program! They offer a variety of sports and club activities to get kids active within their community. Their interact club gives back every year to the community, volunteering at events within the different schools and within the community. Their counselors always go above and beyond to help with students education; addressing problems within the school and getting kids ready for higher education. Central Cambria has a diverse student body, and are very accepting and ready to integrate students of different backgrounds and students with disabilities.
I have found that Central Cambria School District has treated me well. Do not get me wrong though, many things could change for the better. For one thing, some teachers believe that their salaries should rise, which I completely understand, but sometimes they bring that attitude into the classroom. There are only a handful of teachers whom I would say have never complained about their salary in the classroom, which is how it should be.
I liked that Central Cambria High School was able to offer courses that could be dual enrolled through local colleges. Those courses prepared me very well for college. However they could have done a better job in presenting those courses and helping students decide which courses to dual enroll based upon their future major and college choice, because I wasted a lot of money dual enrolling courses that did not count for credits for my major at my college. The staff at my high school was excellent, from the teachers, to the cleaning personnel, to the meal preparation personnel, they were all excellent. The teachers were especially qualified and helpful in preparing myself and others for college.
I do online, so it’s pretty good for me! I would like the teachers to maybe email me more and ask if I need help.
The classes are great, but would like to see a change in the coaches. I Like to see them working with all instead of making o e better then the rest. Focus on the whole team.
I have been going to Central Cambria for my elementary, middle, and high school years. I have had so many great teachers who were there for me when i needed help with my work. I also made so many friends throughout the year.
Small town, community feel. Small class sizes. Situated in a friendly and safe small town. Friendly students. Strong parental volunteerism. Nice facilities.
It was a nice overall school. The teachers were great, there wasn’t really any bullying. The only thing is they test you like it’s a prison
There are not enough AP courses offered. Not enough computer classes for college readiness are offered.
I had an awesome experience at Central Cambria. Early on, I struggled in school but I was given extra help and the best teachers for my learning difficulties. I became very involved with cheerleading, interact club, chorus, yearbook, prom committee, and the Red Devil Duo Mentoring Program. The school has a lot to offer in boys and girl sports and clubs and activities. School is what you make it, the more you get involved, the better it is. The school is in an awesome location and the teachers and administration are very helpful.
I moved to Ebensburg from Philadelphia as a result of bullying during the transition into highschool. I discovered immediately that the children in Central Cambria were much more kind and it was much easier to make friends with them. However, comparing the academic program in my school to the one in Philadelphia is almost unfair. This probably has to do with the schools' budgets, but I believe that feeling safe and comfortable is the most important element to a successful learning environment.
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The school was very appealing in both niceties and necessities. Central Cambria allowed students many choices that would lead them to their ideal future.
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