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Centinela Valley Union High School District Reviews

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My experience in the centinela valley union district has been great. I've never had a problem with anybody here, most of the students are very friendly. I have had great experiences here, as I have learned to develop as a student as well as a human being. I have been able to meet new people and learned to interact in this district. The schools are very modern and offer great technology to their students. This is where I accomplished most of my academic goals and got the opportunity to meet all my close friends. This district is full of diversity and good teachers that go out of their way to help you and others if you need extra help. And if you need to talk to your counselor it is very easy as they are very accessible. One thing they could improve is the system that they have when leaving school early if you don't have a seventh or eight period. The reason why is because the line to leave school is very long and it takes too long to leave campus.
The environment at my school is pretty good. The teachers do the job in giving the students the education they need. All school have those students that don't ever want to attend school but i think most teachers try their best to get those students to want to learn. The food at school isn't that great but I guess that is for every school.
The school district provided many opportunities for me to learn and i appreciate that. I am a part of Solar Cup and my classmates have to build a solar powered boat. We take the boat to a lake for the competition and im excited.
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Being part of Leuzinger high school student have really taught me a lot and I have experience so many things so far and within the past few months that I have been in there. My experiences with the teachers are very awesome and a memory which will last long with me and which I will never forget in a hurry. The staffs, be it teachers or counselors or security guards are ever ready to help any student in need no matter the circumstances. The teachers have one attribute which not all teachers in most schools don't have which is "listening ears", "patience", "attentiveness" and "cooperation" among them and the students. I like most things about the school, starting from the teachers to the students. Everyone is humble, friendly, social and ever ready to help anyone who is in need and who needs assistance in one way or the other. Leuzinger High School is a school that I will recommend for any high school student who is searching for a school to transfer to.
Centinela valley school district takes the students opinions and implement them within their decision on certain activities or rules. They portray courage, strictness, and professionalism. I would like to see the district change the policies on the food being brought in for the students. Healthier and bigger servings would help students get through the day without sleeping in class or havibg complaints about kids not eating.
Centinela valley union high school district is overall good. They provide most of their schools with great services and they overall take great care of the students to make sure they graduate school and are fully prepared for college. Some things that I would maybe like to see change is the strictness sometimes of the district and the overall food. I would like for the food that is serviced to us to be a lot more appealing and tastes overall good and I wold have liked if not a lot of websites are restricted on our district computers because some websites that are restricted can provide help to the students.
To begin, Lawndale High school was good because I learned new things and better and many of the classes are advanced and I get to experience how it feels taking an advanced class and getting the college credit. Lawndale showed me to step out and talk to people and to stop being shy because shy is not a habit its a problem. Many teachers gave me advice on what was good for me and what was bad.
Centinela Valley Union High School District was an average high school in my opinion. I did not have much enjoyment in the schools, however the education I received was significantly higher than what my enjoyment was. The district had a decent amount of diversity in their population, but my school specifically didn't have too much. Most of the teachers that I learned under were fun and were always interactive with their lessons which I appreciated. Overall, I believe that the Centinela Valley Union High School District was an alright district for education and college readiness.
I would like to see change in the sports programs. It would be better if they helped support the soccer athletes.
CVUHSD has many amazing teachers, but it's substitutes are not up to par. Many substitutes do not care about the students for the work left by the teachers. Money for renovations of facilities has been disproportionately allotted to Lawndale High and Leuzinger High rather than Lloyd or Hawthorne.
I like that all the teachers are really nice and helpful. They are adults that we can trust. I rated it a 4 star for the reason that is a lot of fights in HHS
I liked the fact the school district actually cared about the student. The one thing that I would like to see is more involvement.
I started going to Leuzinger my sophomore year, during second semester. It wasn’t too bad starting off because a lot of the people I went to middle school with went there. My experience was a good one and definitely memorable. I think what I will miss the most since I graduate this year is the people I met throughout my years and the teachers I’ve gotten close to. I’ve had many laughs and hardships and lots of work but it was definitely something. I’d like to see the food change with something that’s better and tastier. I also would like them to change the alarms in case of any emergencies. I will definitely miss the people I spent my time with and the teachers who truly do care for their students.
The centinela Valley Union School District is a really great district in my opinion. I really love how this districts works.
MY expierence here has been okay nothing special. I wish the school bell schedule would change. I also feel like we need to upgrade in our school food.
As a student of the district and being an athlete I was able to visit all the campuses in our district and can say the district has done a lot to remodel and give a modern look to the schools. The teachers do there best in preparing students for college and push for hire advanced courses which can lead to success.
The whole district seems determined to provide as many options to the students and possible. There are truly teachers that are give a lot of freedom to perform how they please. However, I still can feel the breath of Administration as they go to restrict too much
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I’m a junior at Hawthorne High School. At this school, they have many classes and programs that help students to college. The teachers really care of your progress in your classes, and many of the people have the same goals; graduating and going to college.
I love the Centinela valley school district. I've been apart of the district since elementary school. The schools in the district including the high schools are genuinely safe and have a fun and free environment. The academics and teachers are excellent.
I really enjoyed one of the schools within the district. The facility gave me many different resources to help me during my four years attending. Although, I would like to see the food and academies change. There wasn't many academies present in the school ad the quality of the food was poor. Besides that, I had a great experience and I encourage anyone to join one of the many schools in the district.
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