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Centerville City School District Reviews

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I loved being educated in the Centerville City School district. The bus program was wonderful and the schools were clean and provided many resources.
I was given many opportunities throughout my education at centerville, and it is really easy to be involved in something there. Centerville is competitive, and offers a large number of AP and enriched classes. The teachers are experienced. The staff, including the administration, makes an effort to show they care about your education, as well as your personal well -being. Being a participant in multiple sports and clubs here, I am able to say that the sports are inclusive. Centerville finds fop-knotch coaches, and integrates them into the school as excellent teachers as well.
The thing I enjoyed most about Centerville City Schools is the atmosphere and the people around you all twelve years of school. I have been attending Centerville since Kindergarten and I have enjoyed every year since. They prepare you very well for college and I have never had a bad experience at Centerville with any schools or any of the teachers.
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The Centerville City School District portrays an honorable and dignified image of what schools in this country should look like. Districts surrounding Centerville all aspire to emulate the practices of this district. The acedemics, sports, and clubs all are top-teir with many of them participating at the national level. The acedemic atmosphere is safe and friendly, making it easy for students to excel to the hoghest levels.
Centerville schools are very diverse and very welcoming. They do a great job with education and really put time and effort into preparing students for college and the real world. The only thing that is a con is the number of changes in the school due to budget cuts.
Great schooling with lots of opportunities to find your niche. Especially in the high school, there are so many different AP classes that can give you a head start on college credit.
Centerville High School has some of the most inconsiderate staff members. They are very discriminatory towards students with disabilities and are not willing to work with them. I, myself, had to remind multiple staff members I had a 504 and what was on it as if they had never even read it.
Centerville was a great place for me to learn. They did everything the could to make sure that everyone succeeded. Most of my teachers actually cared and wanted what was best for myself and my fellow classmates. One thing I wish would change is that the coaches that are teachers actually cared about the academics and then the sport. Most of the time it's the sport that comes before the teaching. Those teachers classes where the hardest to sit through. But for the most part Centerville was a great place to grow up.
Lots of class options. Students can choose how hard they want their classes to be and specialize in specific subjects. The arts and sports teams are also very competitive.
Centerville is a wonderful school district, I went there kindergarten- high school senior and really enjoyed my time there. The teachers were awesome and educated us well.
I like that this city is all one. We are a big community but no matter what happens, a tragedy for example, everyone is there for eachother whether it’s a teacher helping a student or a freshman talking to a senior. Students can open up about how they feel and nobody is judged for it. I like that even though the football team lost a game, everyone still supports them and helps them get better instead of putting them down. This is a great community and i’m lucky enough to be a part of it.
I get a great education here. The teachers are excellent and the learning environment is encouraging. The staff truly care about you. If I could change anything, I would have even more variety of classes available for students.
Centerville is in a very wealthy town. The school is rather large and overwhelming at times. The classes are small and some teachers are very welcoming. Others are not.
My experience at Centerville has been amazing. Each year, the schools have catered to my needs as a student and supported me with each step in my education. Centerville City Schools have made me feel safe and have given me a plethora of opportunities to get involved in my community. The school system has taught me how to grow and adapt to changes between elementary, middle and high schools and has allowed me to mature into an independent student, cognizant of her abilities. By high school, I had figured out which classes to take to challenge myself enough according to my busy extracurricular schedule. My teachers, counselors, and friends have been supportive along the way and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow up here.
As parent, I thought the school district was supposed to be one of the best. While they may rank high, if your child doesn’t want to play sports or join groups , they will not be happy. Majority of parents I worked with in PTO were just like me, trying to be involved even though our kids weren’t. Football is big at this school. If you’re not a fan, then it can be tough.
I have attended Centerville City Schools my entire school career-- I have had a fantastic experience here. I love the teachers and curriculum, but I wish the high school facilities were updated and that the administration was more flexible.
Even though there are nearly 3000 kids at my High School, I felt as if the experience was very personal. Teachers always remembered their students and my counselor always made sure I was on the right path. Teacher always said hi in the hallway and made sure kids were doing okay.
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A lot of the people in Centerville are really nice. I made a lot of good friends going to school in the district. Centerville City Schools also has a great IEP program. The high school has an amazing theatre program.
I loved Centerville High School! Those 4 years went by so fast. If you are looking for a High School that will prepare you for your future, either college or traditional tracks you will find it her. You will loved being an elk!
Loved my experience at Centerville. Many of the teachers are amazing people who work hard to enrich the lives of students. The teachers I had dedicated so much time and effort to help us succeed. The school is what you make of it so go in with an open mind and challenge yourself in class selection.
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