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The thing I most like about Centerpoint High School is the care that the teachers show for each of there students. No matter the circumstances, they put the students best interest first. They genuinely care and want you to succeed. Most importantly though, they care about you personally rather then just a grade in the system. They want to know about your life and how things are going. As a senior, you see others come back to visit their former teachers as if nothing has changed. The connection is still there.
Centerpoint is a decent school, but they play favoritism a whole lot. The students with parents as teachers always get the best treatment. They could leave school early and would receive no punishment but if I decided to leave even a minute early i would get detention and would have to pick up trash in the cafeteria in front of everyone.
Centerpoint is a great school who welcomed everyone no matter what. We strive to make everyones opportunity at Centerpoint its best and to encourage each other to succeed. We want everyone to be encouraged to set and achieve goals.
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Above average school, teachers and staff want to see students succeed and thus are very supportive. Could improve college readiness by offering more classes, but for a small school in Arkansas it's pretty good.
My experience with Centerpoint has been absolutely outstanding. I moved to this school in the 6th grade, and I am graduating in a few months. The teachers are awesome and go out of their way to help each and every one of the students.
Great community. Love being a part of this school, would recommend to anyone. This school and the faculty would do anything to fulfill your needs. Very welcoming, and such great comfort.
I would like to see more college prep and more preparedness for the real world. Like learning how to take care of financial things, building good resumes, how to prepare for a job interview and various things like that.
Centerpoint is like one big family. Everybody treats everyone equal. I would like to see the band receive acknowledgment for their accomplishments as well.
Centerpoint runs on a rotating schedule for their classes to where you have some classes four days a week and rotate on different times each day. This schedule allows for free time called Independent Learning Time, which allows students to finish homework or catch up on missed work.
Centerpoint is a good school because there are many clubs and extra curricular activities to participate in. The academics and college readiness is good too, it could be better though. Centerpoint is not very diverse in racial aspects.
If you want a small school that is very personal this is the place to be. There are plenty of ways for the student to get involved with clubs outside of class.
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