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Centerburg Local School District Reviews

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My favorite thing about Centerburg Local Schools is how close the community is and how supportive the community can be for certain sporting events. My favorite in general is sports at Centerburg. We are a very small town and it is fun to play sports with close friends and schools that are also small around Centerburg.
I enjoyed attending Centerburg Schools and I was very fortunate that this particular school offered the College Credit Plus Program. Because of the information about this program given to me from Centerburg, I was able to get two free years of college out of the way at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. My guidance counselor was and has been extremely helpful and I knew the major I wanted to pursue because of the classes I took and fell in love with my freshman and sophomore years.
I went to centerburg my whole schooling career. Elementary was a very good start and then transitioning to middle school was awesome. They made sure you were caught up if needed or don't fall behind. I was on honor roll most of m y high school career. The teachers seemed to actually care about the students and the classroom size was perfect
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Centerburg Local Schools is a very small school district. Everyone knows EVERYBODY! Which I think is great. It helps allow kids to get to know everyone including their teachers. This close relationship helps the teachers know how a kid learns. This creates a great learning environment where kids can learn and have fun while doing it.
For the most part, my children did not particularly enjoy the Centerburg Local School District. They had a few really great teachers K-12 that were mixed into a pool of lazy "educators" that sat on their phones a little too much. My kids were not as prepared for college as my husband and I would have hoped. Two of them spent most of their time in college in one on one tutoring sessions. And not only did my children feel some of the teachers were lazy, but the administrators as well. The administration really gives off the vibe that they don't care about the students or what goes on. If you are thinking about sending your child to school in Centerburg, I would tell you there are a lot of kind people and it's a nice atmosphere, but as far as education goes, there isn't a whole lot going on.
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