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My experience in Center School district is that it is full with good people and the biggest in the center school district is that the bully is the problem. The school had amazing teachers people in the building you can talk to if there’s an issue that u have. The activities that I’m in is marching band, concert band, tennis, and the things I do outside of school is dance for a dance studio, I did karate and there was Monday marching band practice and football games and basketball games the band play at. Center has a great organization for the students and families.
I like the involvement of the teachers in planning each students success out of school. I also like how each teacher would try and improve the student's life by providing them with valuable information that they can carry with them when they go to college.
I loved all the people I got a chance to meet and create friendships with. Everyone there made Center High school what it was. I was in the Center School district since elementary school and was able to participate in many fun activities with my friends that made everything all the more fun. At graduation I cried as I hugged and said goodbye to my teachers and mentors I had grown to personally know and create relationships with. Center was a large chapter in my book of Life that I will always remember.
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I enrolled at Center at a very hard time in my life and they helped me way more than expected. Such a great school and staff.
Generally there was a good student teacher relationship and learning was easy to do. However , like most schools they had information that wasn't realistic to the real world. Our administration was always helpful and tried their best to make Center a great learning center. No pun intended. Our teachers and staff all worked their butts off to try to make learning interesting as well as making sure students actually learned. They supported students as they rallied to speak out against school shootings and to ensure a safe learning environment.
It a very welcoming atomaspher, teachers are helpful and easy going. I think they could offer better choices for lunch, even a buffet style lunch would be forever on.
What i liked about Center was that there was always a teacher you could trust, and they listened to all of the students' problems when brought up.
Center School District offers a great experience for people of all walks of life. I feel every staff member there are genuinely wants me to be successful in life. The atmosphere of the district makes me feel save with it's full time security. Most of the staff at the high school know me and it feels less like a bureaucracy and more like a community.
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