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Center Point-Urbana Community School District Reviews

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At Center Point-Urbana, the clubs are very beneficial to students, but since it is so small, the clubs are minimal and don't have many resources. The faculty includes a lot of teachers that are invested in the future of the children. A couple of years ago, the high school became a blue ribbon school. This notion is supported by the number of students accepted into the National Honors Society and other prestigious organizations. The school does a great job of getting the community involved in activities. For example, the parents of the junior class all come together to make the prom wonderful every year. They also are always willing to help out at sporting events when needed. It is not just sports that get attention, however. The band and choir both get recognized for their accomplishments and are never shoved aside. One of the few setbacks of the school district is that it does not have much diversity. Overall, Center Point-Urbana School is somewhere that I am proud to call my home.
Pretty good school, average teachers but they do care about academics. athletics are good but some coaches are too competitive and unfair. The student body was okay, but the staff doesn't handle problems well.
CPU is a great school to attend. Although, I wish we were given more opportunities. Due to the size, we are limited on activities and academics we can participate in. Our clubs are pretty minimal and our schools main focus is sports. Our food is basic, but we have smiling lunch ladies who love what they do. On the bright side, we are a very safe school. With only a couple thousand students in our district we get to know our classmates very well and build good bonds with them. The teachers make sure that everyone participates. In my 12 years of attending the school, I have only heard of a couple kids getting bullied, which is so much better than schools around us. Most kids don't have any problems. CPU is a caring, positive, and upstanding district. Our teachers are kind and supportive. Last year, we received the Blue Ribbon Award for our academics. Overall, CPU is a good school to attend.
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This school was perfect me because I had medical problems when I was in high school, and they were able to give me anything I needed. I was able to take multiple PE's everyday and still graduate on time. They were able to give me help one on one everyday for two years. That was probably the best thing that they could have done for me. Before I had the brain tumor removed, I was highly involved in every sport. So this gave me the opportunity to see the other side of CPU, see the bullying done by the athletes or just how the athletes are treated different. I loved my high school experience, and the school played a huge role in that.
I think Center Point is a great school. The teachers are hard working and care about your future. The students are kinda and always welcome new students. Overall CPU is a great place that I am glad to me graduating from.
Now that I am in college I realize how unprepared I was for the transition from high school which I can directly thank my high schools lack of college readiness preparation.
I liked how much the teachers cared for the students. In a small-ish school like CPU it was fairly for the teachers to know all the student's names. I never had a teacher who didn't know my name or learn it within the first week of classes. A big bummer in the academic department was I couldn't take any college classes because I loved being in band and choir. It would have been nice to have been able to choose. Also with the music department, and the community as a whole, I wish they could have pulled together an auditorium while I was still in school. It would have been very useful for the arts and even the community, but it wasn't getting enough support. Hopefully it will happen eventually!
I like how engaging all the staff and teachers are. I love how CPU and Kirkwood are in collaboration so students are able to take college credits. There isn't really anything I would change, and the things I would change they're very small and kind of insignificant. I like CPU the way it is and I would change my high school career, good and bad.
The CPU district is considered a small community district, but is overall completely invested in the surrounding community. The teachers are very involved not only in meeting the academic needs of the students, but invest themselves in the lives of their students. It has been my experience that the teachers will go above and beyond to make sure that all students are accommodated to ensure they learn as much as possible. Our teachers are also involved in a number of school and community activities that help our community thrive as a whole.
I liked that Center Point-Urbana Middle School found a way for everyone who wanted to be involved in their extra curriculars to do so. They were a very inclusive environment, and the teachers are some of the most driven to be better people I have ever met.
Teachers are very encouraging. They treat you the way you treat them- at least most. Students can be a little mean but depends on the class. School does not tolerate bullying, so if you're having issues the best advice I can give is to talk to a teacher you trust! The education side of things is great. I just graduated this past May and feel very confident I will do fine in college. Offers some dual enrollment located at the high school but as a senior and some juniors you can go to Kirkwood and take what they call academies for dual credit. Overall I rate the school a 4.
Everyone is very close and we are all friends. When ever someone needs help there is always someone there for them. Everybody knows everybody. Great school spirit. Very proud to attend there.
Center Point - Urbana is a very community involved district. Small town USA school. Lots of Club activity opportunity as well as strong athletic support.
Within the time I have spent at CPU I can honestly say there is no other place i would rather go. Everything from the in depth teacher feedback to the overwhelming school spirit help to make the experience refreshing and inviting.
I have had a great experience with Center Point- Urbana Schools. I have attended CPU since Pre-school and I have never had any problems. CPU is a safe community that values the education of their students. CPU has a motto we follow that states: "CPU is a caring community with positive attitudes and upstanding citizens." CPU provides a wide variety of activities that you can be involved in. During my freshman year, I participated in almost everything they offered, ranging from show choir to student council. The teachers are flexible and understand that I have other commitments and work around them. They are caring and go above and beyond to make sure you get the education you deserve. I have made strong bonds with my past teachers that are still present today. I would recommend this school to anyone. Even though it is small, your student will be valued and will receive a great education.
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