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Center Joint Unified School District Reviews

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I'm currently a senior at Center High School and these past 4 years have been amazing! What I like about the Center Joint Unified School District is that all the schools are so involved with each other in so many different ways. For example, seniors will do multiple community hours at the lower level schools. There's not really anything that'd I'd like to see change, because I'm content!
My experience varies between the different schools in the district. In my experience the high school (Center) is better than the middle school/junior school, and I graded based on Center high school. What I would like to see change is the dress code (less strict) , more counseler-student interaction, and the school needs to work on letting the non AP students know about the A-G requirements. Overall, the district is okay.
Center High School has a diversity of student's with multiple skill sets. The students learn a lot of information that will be useful for them later in life. I'm happy to be apart of this school. There are many opportunities for help after school and for college readiness.
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I went to the CJUSD for all of my school life.
Currently, the district is working on renewing the campuses and changing the environment.
The food is progressing and getting better every month.
The school is very united and welcomes new comers, no matter the race of ethnicity, with open arms.
In this school district, you feel safe and protected because you constantly see police driving by and checking in on us.
The school district has done a lot to reform itself after many fights, inconveniences, and disputes. Although they've done so much, they could do a bit more.
Thoughout my school years in this district I have many experiences good and bad. The majority of the teachers you can really tell they care about us students and are good at their job. For the most part they take our education seriously and more or less leave it up to us to do well. Although I did have my run ins with the teachers or admins who did not seem to care at all about me or my academic success but as long as you have your goals and priorities set the negative around won’t affect you.
I like how my school like to involve students. we have resources to get more informed about colleges. Also with events in and out of school.
A place where you want to visit during your days off school and on school. The place is well kept and a very spacious area for a high school. Teachers can range from average to very good. It depends on how the student is interacting at school. If they are serious, they will go far and probably get into a excellent college afterwards.
I have been a student in the Center Joint Unified School District for 4 years and I really enjoyed my experience. I am graduating on May 24,2018 and I feel as though this was the best district in my area to pick from.
I really enjoyed the academic challenges of the school. I was able to take AP courses and was challenged to succeed. I also enjoyed being in plays and attending sporting events. I feel that the school gave me an overall positive experience.
They have great programs at Center, for example, 911 Dispatch and Media Communications Academy. I enjoyed Dispatch 1 last year so I am going to Dispatch 2 next year.
What I like most about the center district is the effort that teachers and other staff exert in order to improve education, campus, programs, and sports for students. They never failed to aid me through academic or personal challenges.
My experience with Center Joint Unified School District has been nothing but good relationships with the teachers. They make you feel comfortable and very welcomed. It has definitely been a major advantage in trying to get that extra help if it was needed, not just with my academics but with life in general. We have a very diverse set of students which is a major bonus in trying to learn new things about different cultures and I think that is what sets us apart from other school districts.
Center Joint Unified is a place where everyone belongs. I like that the district has schools with students of different diversities and culture. Everyone is friendly and accepting, all striving for one goal, to succeed.
The school provides many programs to help for college readiness, and also many fun clubs to interact with other students and take part in the community. The students are very hardworking and puts in great effort in their works. The teachers are very motivating, but I would like to see some changes in their method of teaching.
I attend Center High School. I am currently a senior there. I have to admit that it's not the best school there is in the area. I have been in this district ever since first grade. I feel like the facilities really need an upgrade. I think everyone will agree with me on that. I think that our school is very diverse and the teachers are pretty good. I'm kind of neutral towards this district. It's not great, but it's not utterly horrible.
I liked how everyone is involved with the community. I also like how the schools in this district prepare you for life high school.
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