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Center Grove has great teachers especially at the High School level. The school has tons of different clubs, organizations, societies, athletics, and art programs that truly allow for a great extra-curricular experience. On the other hand, classes are a bit dark and there are few windows and there are some teachers who are not that interesting to learn from. There is some bullying and drug usage issues, but the administration handles it swiftly and well. Great overall school.
Center Grove High School has been a great experience for myself during the last 4 years. Academically, it has provided me with choices of opportunities I no matter how small or large. It is a rather big school, but I have been able to experience a smallness while being part of early college.

The business classes it has offered me are bar none, more than any other school in the area. The science and math that are offered are high school to college level, anyone could find their niche here.

There is a plethora of school activities and clubs you can find to meet you wherever you may be.
my experience here was okay. i was in the school corporation for 11 years. i liked how a lot of the classes were based on college readiness and getting kids ready for the next academic level.
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Would enroll my kids here one day... I would love to see more diversity in coming years as the school was predominantly white. I would also love more money to go into the music and theater programs. We have a massive football and sport culture at the school which is amazing. Choir is also a well supported branch at CG but orchestra, band, and theater need more funding at the school. Academic opportunity at CG is above average. Continuing this aspect of school culture would be beneficial to everyone in the community.
Such a safe and excellent school system. Forever thankful to be raised in this school system as it aided me in my civic leadership and college readiness. I am still able to engage with teachers and mentors made along the way and have safe and nurturing memories from my time at this school.
The high school has prepared me for college by offering classes that have challenged me everyday. There are multiple clubs to join and the arts classes, especially photography, have opened my mind to expand my creativity. This has led me to pursue an arts and business degree when I attend college. CG is the school for you if you enjoy a large high school. You can also chose to graduate with an associates degree, or to challenge yourself to take the AP classes and tests get the college credit for them.
Decent school... not much diversity. They care too much about sports and not enough about the other activities. The teachers are a hit or miss.. really just depends. I believe they do have challenging academics that will get you semi-ready for college (especially if you choose to do the early college program).
I have been a part of the Center Grove Community School Corporation for 13 years now and have never regretted it. I love the community and all the school experience I have received. My schooling has been fantastic. I would highly recommend Center Grove to anyone looking for a great education. We are a five star school with a great, hard-working staff at all of the schools. They are all very caring and want you to learn. Everything I have learned is because of Center Grove.
I loved my time at Center Grove and would do it all over again, however the biggest downside to this corporation is how petty and nit-picky the administration can be about enforcing school-wide rules.
The facility is nice but the teachers are not. Most of the teachers do not seem to like their job which genders the education learning process. Overall the students do not have a good and healthy learning experience within their school.
I love Center Grove Becuase it was something for everyone. They are really good at including each ans every student.
I loved going to school at Center Grove ! I went there all 13 years of school ! The staff was always friendly to me and helped me in any way they could !
I was apart of the Early College program. Thankfully, through that, I was able to graduate high school with my associates degree and finish my bachelors just two years later at 20 years old. The teachers are incredible, the absolute best you will ever find. They are caring, compassionate, tough on you, intelligent and well rounded. I couldn't have found a better home for my entire education, kindergarten - high school.
The school is very inviting. There are many clubs to join. There is an amazing early college program. I would recommend anyone attending this school try to get into the early college program. It helps set you up for college and prepares every student a tremendous amount for college.
great school district that has 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and one high school. very sports orientated but also has some good academic extra curriculars.
It is a really good school in terms of athletics and academics. Our community feeling isn't great sometimes
Center Grove Community School Corporation offers a wide variety of academic potential. What really shone about the school is the prevalence in clubs and after school activities. While sports are widely available, Center Grove also offers various academically and musically related programs. From Robotics to Jazz band, any student can find their niche at CG. While it does have an outstanding curriculum, there are also problems with the system. Honors classes are frequently not equal depending on teams (primarily associated to middle school) and there is very little opportunity for tutors within the high school. Help is limited to the teachers, who themselves have busy schedules. The food is also sub-oar, but that seems to now be a tradition among schools in general.
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Because Center Grove Community School Corporation is a four-star school, I feel like I got the quality education I need in order to graduate.
I would love to see safety change in Center Grove, but love the involvement of the teachers, and the diversity of our school. It is womderful to see people of all backgrounds getting along.
Early college program is great and it provides a head start once a student finally gets to college. Teachers are always helpful. You do have to ask for individual attention if you are stuggling though.
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