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I am a very active student at Centennial High School. As a very diverse school, it is great to see many different culture and for me being Asian, surround by peers that share the same culture as I do. As being a part of student council, I had the privilege to interact with a mass amount of the people within the school. Throughout my whole high school journey, I've never really had an incident where I felt things were unfair or other people bully me. I was surrounded by teachers who cared about me and my education and people around me who appreciate who I was
Centennial High School is the most diverse and accepting school I've ever known of. We have an amazing community, with wonderfully attentive staff who genuinely care about the students.
We could use some more funding for academics, of course, but we do well. I love it.
I like how welcoming everyone is at school. The teachers care about our education and do their best for us to learn. When I need help I always get the help of need. My overall experience was amazing and I will miss coming to school.
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I love the teachers as well as the support staff. They honestly care about their students and their jobs.
The teachers were very well rounded and helped no matter what. Some of the administrators shouldn't have been working at a school because they don't like kids but other than that this school district is a safe diverse district for kids in my opinion.
Centennial High school I've been going there all four years and now its my senior year in high school and my experience been great of getting my education and the people there. I played sports like basketball and I had a good time playing and meeting people on the team. Played basketball all four years also and my favorite year was sophomore year because it was fun majority of the time and the teammates I had throughout the year.
It has been a good experience over all. I had a very hard time with one of the teachers but the school helped me find a different one that is working well for me. The school is clean and well kept. We really need a turf field and new track because our is constantly injuring players that use it for practice. This school puts a lot of time and effort into helping athletes be noticed and making sure you get a very good education. Sadly I only get to attend this school for 1 year, but I think it was a good choice to go there while I could.
Centennial high school is a a school not like any other the teacher and coaches all try to create diversity between students and try not to have bullies and that what I like most about it. In centennial we are like an eagle family no one can break us apart.
centennial school is like a family. If you need something someone will make it happen. Once an eagle always an eagle
My experience at Centennial High School was less than satisfactory. The education department lacks in attention to detail and the lives of students outside of school. I felt very alone in some of my classes, and it seemed as though many Centennial faculty was very lazy. Many powerpoints and videos were shown, information being spit at us with no analyzing or discussion. Teachers often over stepped their boundaries concerning punishment when breaking their rules. Centennial classes felt very economically motivated, and it seemed to me some teachers took the easy way out. The sports program at Centennial was very nice, and included many students. There was always a fair tryout, and for the most part, fair treatment and playing time provided by coaches. If I could suggest Centennial School District change anything, it would be quality of teachers and classes.
There are good teacher and most of them seem to care about your education. Also its very diverse in Asian people. The science course have the best teacher in my option. The math department has the worse teachers. English teachers are decent, there not a lot of reading or writing. Its about minimum and its all pretty balance.
Being at Centennial for me was a really great experience. It was great to meet all of the teachers and get to know to school. What really made me want to change the school how the community should be out on the go. What I mean by that is it would be more inspiring is if our school would get into other opportunities for students to volunteer in places that any student would feel like they would want to volunteer.
It's a public school, so you can't really expect too much. However, I've met some amazing teachers and administrators in this district who really give it their all and try to give their students the best educational experience possible with their limited budget.
The people are not so friendly. There's not very many opportunities or resources offered. The schools are not very diverse either which can be hard for some students.
I loved my high school but overall they taught me little to nothing when it came to making me ready for college courses. They had some some help and resources for scholarships, but the only students that received that were students that were in AP classes. I was never in any advanced placement classes and not once did I get offered to help to ready us for our future. I don’t expect perfection from our school but there are many things that they could to to help many students that don’t have that that kind of help in their household.
Overall, the Centennial School District is a very great experience for me. I made friends that I'll be friends with for the rest of my life. Meet great teachers who helped me excel in life and education. Also, learned how to treat people the same way you want to be treated. The diversity of the Centennial School District taught myself how to understand how different people work and live. I strongly recommend students to attend the Centennial School District. Once an eagle, always an eagle.
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