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Centennial Public School District Reviews

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The staff at Centennial High School are very caring and devoted. They all care about each of their students and are determined to help them succeed.
It’s not the best experience, I liked it as a kid but then all the staff stopped being nice to people and the teachers here aren’t the best
The Centennial school district is an encouraging environment for pursuing knowledge and growing in artistic and athletic abilities.

The teachers pour into the students through challenging classes, and are clearly wanting to see them succeed. By providing different levels of classes, the students are able to push themselves beyond what they deemed was possible.

Through their dance team, swim team, football team, and cross country team, Centennial has helped make students more aware of their body and has motivated students to care for themselves outside of sports.

The Centennial school district has also pursued artistic abilities in the lives of their students. By providing theatre and band, Centennial has opened up a door for students to pursue further education in such artistic endeavors.
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I felt safe, not a lot of drugs in the school but teachers need to have more time to help students who are having trouble understanding.
I really liked the centennial school district because of the STEM classes. I am really involved in the stem classes and really enjoy the stem teachers Mr. Angell and Mr. Davis.
This school district is good, but I feel that it could be better. More emphasis should be placed on reading. The school libraries lack a licensed professional Library Media Specialist. Book selection needs to be more thoughtfully done with their students in mind. Reading is the foundation of all learning, something that could be valued more at Centennial schools. Districts that support their school libraries perform higher than those who do not. Centennials scores reflect that compared to other neighboring districts who have Library Media Specialists.

Technology is also not where it should be for 21st century learning. Students in K-12 should have more opportunities than what Centennial offers. Funding is an issue, but the values seem to be an issue also.

The teachers are very caring and do their best. Students are encouraged to be kind, respectful and responsible.

Like I said, good district, but they could do better.
My name is Hailey Williams I graduated from Centennial in 2018 and I am now attending the University of Minnesota Rochester for a 4 year degree in Sonography/Radiology. My experience at Centennial was awesome we average 33 students per class. Our teachers were not only involved in what we were doing but why it matters. The counselors were awesome in helping with tests for college and what we wanted to get into. I took 1 year of PSEO while attending Centennial and that helped also.
Great school district, really helped shape me as an adult. The impacts by teachers and staff will be with me a lifetime!
My experience at Centennial High School is great overall. The teachers are always very eager to teach and help students to succeed and excel in their studies. I believe that Centennial High School has helped me to prepare for the college. One thing that I believe could be changed is how the school uses it money. I believe that Centennial should put more money to adding more courses and hiring more teachers to teacher those courses.
Most all teachers are completely educated in their subject and are willing to better their students education. The school has over priced parking passes and water problems but that has nothing to do with the quality of education the students are receiving. The one star that was docked from my rating is due to the water and parking pass problem. It is a nice, clean space to learn.
I did not enjoy my 4 years at Centennial. The school invests in the wrong things, puts emphasis on the wrong ideas, and was all around not a good experience for me.
Attending the schools within the Centennial Public School District has been a learning experience. There isn't much diversity, but there are good people within. I have mixed feelings about the way things are when it comes to what we learn, our peers, and school spending.
I liked the atmosphere within the high school, participating in all the sports and after school activities. Especially during our homecoming and spirit week. Dressing up and having fun with your fellow classmates made it very enjoyable.
The school is large, but small enough to make sure that you are not falling behind academically. Mrs. Miller is one of the best counselors to help you through anything! Not only did she help me through 9-12 grade in areas of struggle but through personal issues as well. The school has a very good hockey team, for those that like hockey along with Volleyball.
I liked the school overall. Everyone was welcoming and always had a positive attitude. One thing I did appreciate was when there was a conflict of some sort the school was very into fixing the conflict before it got to a certain point or affected the school overall, for example one grade level one year was not treating one certain student fairly, and before matters got worse the school took it seriously and fixed it right away and was very professional about it.
Great school and very Helpful and caring people throughout (students, staff, parents...etc) extracurricular activities were very easy to work around other activities and schedules.
I transferred to centennial in seventh grade from forest lake and it is an amazing school. All of the teachers genuinely care about your success.
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At Centennial High School there are so many tracks you can take. You can lean towards the Academic Route and take AP classes or do a hybrid with a Neighboring Collage. Or you can take the Sports Route and excel with the help of dedicated coaches. And Finally you can relax and enjoy your High school expence by leaning at your own pace and taking life one class at a time.
There are a lot of things to love about Centennial! One of them is all the different programs you can be apart of. We have such great athletic program and other extracurricular activities to be a part of. The staff is incredible and there are a ton of resources throughout the school to help everyone succeed.
Centennial High School is your typical school. The faculty, however, is excellent, making up for the poor campus layout and lack of diversity. The academic courses for an AP student like me are great, but students who are not on the honors track are seriously neglected of education by the lack of effort put into the teaching style of online teaching. Centennial's biggest down fall is that it has an hour lunch, where students mess around and cause more harm than good. The clubs offered are not nearly as well known or appreciated as the over rated sports teams are. The school presents a safe and secure learning environment for students, and offers lots of extra help for those who seek it.
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