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I like that it is still smaller, it does have its issues with the administration sometimes but overall the atmosphere is good
Overall it isn’t an awful school, however there are many parts that are lacking. For instance, it feels like a vast majority of budget goes towards sports. This leads to fine arts budgets being lowered, and not being able to have a large part in the school’s prestige. The school is also very understaffed. Most teachers teach 3 different classes, if not more. Especially English teachers who can teach up to 5 different classes each day. This leads to huge class sizes that do not foster a good learning environment.
I loved the people. Everyone is so nice and they make you feel welcome. I love this school and I'm so happy to get to graduate from it.
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Celina is a football town, if you don’t play football you pretty much aren’t important. Boys athletics (football) is all that matters. It took years of fighting to get girls soccer, and the budget is extremely low and they only allowed 1 team, even though there is 5 football teams. Over 40 girls tried out the first year so there was plenty of interest. I would not recommend this school to any boys who don’t play football. And only girls to girls who cheer.
Small but growing, so class options can be somewhat limited. Most teachers and faculty are okay or better, but the administration does not care about the students, they care about the school. Very unlikely to get any sort of useful assistance if you go to them.
It is an interesting school. It was heavily football based and didn't allow much support for other clubs. The teachers don't have much passion for teaching, but a few do.
Small bobcat community is growing quickly with lots of aches and pains. Everything revolves around sports. There are no art classes (music teachers are expected to offer art but don't) and computers are only 1x a week. Most teachers are on the same page with giving homework, communication and school activities. BUT the school district is cutting field trips, class parties, and library funds...growing pains? Elementary teachers are awesome. Lots of parent involvement. Mostly blue color school district.
It's only viewed as a great school of you've been in it from the start of kindergarten. The entire district is an exclusive clique. Not just with students, but with parents and staff as well. If neither the student or family has been a resident of Celina all of their life, they will not be met with accepting, open arms. If the student isn't a star athlete, they don't deserve to walk the halls of Celina schools. It's all about the football. It's all about who you know and what sports you play.
Celina High School is place where you feel engaged and receive the best of academic readiness.Everyone here is very nice and make you feel involved in all school activities.You feel welcomed and experience a great sensation of school spirit especially on those Friday nights.Go BIG ORANGE!!!!
Unless you are an athlete you fall to the sidelines literally. There are a few teachers that look beyond athletics and value the students that have other talents. Also if you are not from a certain family or long term local family you are treated differently by most of the people. Not very much offered like other school districts in terms of electives.
As a student of the Celina Independent School District for ten years I believe that I can most accurately describe what one will experience through this school system. With the exponential growth happening in the north Texas region, Celina has maintained the homey small town feel while continuing to expand and diversify. If you are looking for a school district who legitimately cares and loves it's student body look no further. It is one of the only remaining communities where the entire town shuts down to see the football team on a Friday night, and where students feel as if their teachers and coaches are parents away from home. Celina also has a prestigious academic system where students of all interests are bound to succeed. However with the growth one hopes that the administration can continue to hold the Christian values that this public school is known for.
I enjoy Celina's intuitiveness to act as a unit and to grow in character. But having been at Celina High School for over only half a year now, I have begun to see that acting as a unit is not working in a 'behind the scenes' manor as intended. I would like to see teachers and administration interacting with the students more, for the better of the school because there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. I want Celina to be more aware of what is going on in the lives of the students.
I enjoy the small class sizes and the fact that I know everyone. The schools are small so that there is very little exclusion, everyone has their fit and athletics is one of many ways to express school pride. The only thing I would like to change is to add more elective choices and more athletic choices like wrestling and boy's soccer.
Celina is a growing community in north Collin county. The school has ample room for growth. For the size school (graduates 150 students or so), they are able to offer many options. The class sizes are relatively low and teachers are helpful. They offer several pre AP and AP classes at the high school level. In recent years, I know of 2 students that were accepted to Ivy League schools and both offered Merit Scholarships. They school administration is there to improve the school system and the school board members are sincerely interested in the students.
I love this school district. When attending you feel like you are part of the family and when you leave you are still part of the family! Great School, teachers, and administration. Also great sports and academic programs! Go Bobcats!
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