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The teachers are all really amazing. They all really care about you and make the student feel like they are cared for. They are always willing to help and there isn't a single teacher who doesn't care about their students. Some of the programs are a little weak such as the foreign language program, but the core subjects are very strong. Students are prepared well for college. The school is incredibly safe, and no student feels threatened in the schools.
there were some outstanding teachers and some not so much. very disorganized with their staffing and administration. would like to see the good teachers stay longer than 2 years. i would also like to see less emphasis on athletics and see more interest in other hobbies and clubs like music and robotics.
I like how Cedarburg School District prepares kids for college and the ACT. AP courses reflect college level courses.
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Let me tell you a little thing that is the Cedarburg School District. I could say it is just a high school, but I'd just be fooling myself. I don't come from the city of Cedarburg I got in the high school through open enrollment. I'm not quite sure what their goal is, a facility to prepare us for college, teach us useless things that don't even help us for the real world. Cedarburg is a very rich city, so that means if you are not rich (I am not rich) you will be the outcast loser of the school. If the student body doesn't care about you then why should the faculty. Most of the faculty don't really care about their students individually(most being the keyword not all are). The administration is even worse they are very clueless and cannot even do the simplest tasks for you. I don't know if everybody's experience is the same as mine, but mine was the worst four years of my life and I am so ready to get out of the school.
I love this school! From all the different opportunities that they have to offer both academically and athletically. One thing that could possibly change at Cedarburg School District is the amount of diversity within the school. Being able to have that diversity within the school, could better the community.
After being a student through Cedarburg School District my entire life, the strength of the academics and college readiness is very impressive. There are many advanced placement courses that challenge you as a student. Unlike other districts, Cedarburg focuses on preparing you for the real world which every student will look back on one day and be very thankful. The teachers are very involved with their students with many hands-on activities. The safety of this district exceeds normal standards by telling and showing the students what to do during hard lockdowns, soft lockdowns, tornado drills, and fire drills. I am happy I got the opportunity to go up through the years with this outstanding school district.
Cedarburg is an excellent school that excells with its education. The teachers push their students to try their hardest and do their best. It is a wonderful environment to be in. I am glad that I got to go there the past four years.
I am involved in many clubs here at Cedarburg High School. My favorite is Interact club where students can come together and volunteer in the community. I also love student council and the events that we plan. The teachers are for the most part great and I hope our district holds on to them as long as possible. Academics and extracurriculars are stellar!
Cedarburg School District prepares students extremely well for college and has the resources to do so. The school environments for each school within the district are clean and I feel safe at school as well. With a variety of sports, clubs, and activities Cedarburg School District provides a great place for students to pursue what they love in an education while also having lots of school spirit!
Great school! Cedarburg High School provides a positive and safe learning environment. There a vast opportunities to learn and grow. Teachers provide great life perspective.
The school is amazing and makes everyone ready for college! I highly reccemend the school district I am in!
Overall it was a positive experience! I grew up in Cedarburg my whole life and went to all cedarburg schools. The high school is very strict and is focused on the success of the students. Some amazing teachers and some okay teachers, but overall the school was great. Although I wish they would have prepared students more for college.
I love this school district and am a proud bullpup, wolverine and bulldog. The education greatly prepared me for college. The quantity of duel credit and AP courses helped me reach Junior status within my first semester at college.
I did my entire K-12 education through Cedarburg School District and I am very pleased with this public education. Of my 13 years at this school district, only once has there been a teacher that I thought did not meet my needs. I felt that I was very prepared for my future upon graduation.
Great community and wonderful schools. I was accepted to all of the colleges I applied and I feel well prepared as I head into graduation.
All the teachers are very helpful, teach you a lot, and also have fun. This school has great clubs you can join depending on what your interested. Also the sports teams are great.
I have spent all 12 years of my education in the Cedarburg School District. I am amazed at how well this district connects with the community through clubs, sports, and community service. It has also been ranked top 5 public High schools in the state ever since I started my high school career. That is a reflection of how hard the teachers and students work in the classroom to be successful for post-secondary school and work. Overall I have had a great experience at this school and in this community.
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Cedarburg has been an amazing place to grow and learn. I have made some amazing friends here. The teachers care about your education and about you as a person. They want to know about your life outside of school, and they actually care about what you say. The culture in the school is amazing, everyone comes together and are united. The school has been super welcoming and attentive. The staff notices everything. These people are awesome, and deserve to be recognized.
The teachers are really driven to help students learn and grow. They strive to make sure students get their assignments done and turned in, and are willing to help if needed.
The school is nice, the teachers are dedicated and passionate about their students success. The only thing I would want to change is how uptight administration is.
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