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Cedar Hill Independent School District Reviews

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I love that overall Cedar Hill High School is welcoming to students and that the teachers prepare you for college and life outside of high school . I believe that Cedar hill High school can improve on their safety procedures and precautions because there have been occasional situations where i have felt as a student unprotected .
I attend Cedar hill collegiate high school. Overall I believe that it’s a good school, but it can improve in many aspects.
It was a good school district, but could use stricter management and organization. Everything was played by ear and things were never properly communicated to students and families.
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I loved the diversity I experienced at cedar hill. However, I don’t believe I was given the proper resources to be successful after high school. The education and resources for students lacked significantly therefore affecting my learning and hindering me when I continued into higher education.
I like how committed the administration is. The teachers put in so much effort to do their jobs, and are committed to the children learning. CHISD does lack diversity. It is mostly made up of minorities, but it is a pretty average school overall. Nothing too bad!
For me, it can only be described as controlled chaos. It may have flaws in the students and administration but it's a district that truly cares for its students and only would like the best opportunities for them.
I love going to Cedar Hill High School. I am very impressed with how they are handling things this year with the Essential 10 theme. It doesn't seem effective to some kids, but the kids who do see the positive things that administration is trying to put on our live can tell how useful these skill will be in the future.
When I attended Cedar hill highschool it was really boring with no school spirit. We did not have a homecoming week and other fun activities that we would’ve liked to do. Cedar hill should pay more attention to the students on what they want to do instead of not doing the traditional weeks schools usually have.
My experience being within the Cedar Hill Independent School District has brought on quite a perspective because I liked it and enjoyed it and saw a difference in my peers around me each and everyday. There are certain changes that could be made, in regards to teachers being more compassionate about their students and the faculty offering more rewards for students from low-income families. Overall this district was great and I’m glad that I had the chance to progress in its environment.
I would like to see teachers specifically trained for STEAM. My student did not experience STEAM activities and projects.
I don't know about you all but I have loved it here. I have been attending this District since kindergarten and I have absolutely just loved it. Parents you should really consider your child attending is District you will not regret it. I'm sure.
Cedar Hill ISD is great ! They are constantly creating new opportunities for students to be successful in their academic career.
With Cedar Hill, it's sort of a gamble. There are a few teachers who are dedicated, caring incredible teachers who go out of their way ad take their own time to pour into their students. Then there are teachers who don't care, allow their students to remain on their phones the entire time, and only show up for a paycheck. It's really hit or miss. The schools are marginal at best, with common maintenance issues that could be fixed with a little extra money, but all the district money goes to football, so arts and buildings take a backseat. However, the administration is generally good and they keep in touch with parents. They could fix a few things, but overall a fairly good district.
Cedar Hill Independent School District is a very diverse and unique school district. The teachers and staff are always there to help when there is help needed. The school district overall helps students prepare for whatever career they desire.
Like many Texas schools, football is a big deal to Cedar Hill high school. If you aren't interested in it, you may seem like an outsider. Not to worry though, Cedar Hill offers so many other extracurriculars that it's almost impossible to only be in one. Academically, we have started to expand and encourage more higher level classes.
Cedar Hill Independent School has WONDERFUL diversity as well as very welcoming people. However, academics are either taken too seriously, or not seriously enough.
Hi, I am Shannon Lewis and this was my first year being a student in the Cedar Hill Independent School District. I attend Cedar Hill Collegiate High School, which is an early college high school where ill have both my hs diploma and associates degree. I would like to see more principal and district involvement with the students. I feel like we are just expected to make good grades when we don't we are looked at as a disappointment and privileges are taken away. However, when we do something good we are little to never rewarded for such a good deed. If i were to rate he district i would give it three stars because we don't necessarily do anything to stand out from other districts.
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I grew up in Cedar Hill and these school's have always been a hit or miss. Either way they have educated me and shaped me to be who I am today.
I attend Cedar Hill Collegiate High School and it's pretty cool. We get the opportunity to receive an Associates Degree while still in high school.
My experience in Cedar Hill Independent School District has been quite exceptional. My journey in the district began when I was only in the second grade (2007). In 2008 CHISD opened an early college high school, which would later become the standard of what an early college program should mimic. I later entered this program, and because of this I will be graduating with my associates degree in May (two weeks before my diploma).
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