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I enjoy most the teachers from Cedar Falls High School. The majority of them seem passionate about what they teach, which in turn makes learning much more enjoyable. I do not, however, appreciate the overwhelming amount of homework given on a regular basis. I do understand homework is necessary in some circumstances. I believe homework serves an essential role in learning in for some classes. However, I also believe plenty of teachers give homework simply just to keep students busy, not to promote learning of the material at hand. This, for me, is very frustrating considering I would like to have a life out of high school. Instead, I spend hours on end each night attempting to complete all my assignments from the 6 classes I am required to take. I think the hours of (sometimes senseless) homework need to be reduced for future students at Cedar Falls High School; not eliminated entirely, but simply reduced.
Cedar Falls school district doesn’t care much for the students. They would rather have a good reputation and look good than to include and care for everyone.
The teachers here are awesome! They always try and make time for students who are struggling. Although our high school is in need of a makeover all the students and teachers make it work!
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I believe that Cedar Falls High School has a lot of academic opportunities to offer with how smart the students are, how many advanced classes are offered and how high our graduation rate is. One thing that I would love to see change within the next few years is little things like a homecoming parade which we have never done.
I like the involvement of teachers in my classes. They are very helpful answering my questions and concerns. I am not just a number in their classroom, I am someone who matters to them.

Something I would change would be how poorly our school is built. It is old and a new one needs to be built to replace it.
The school district does very well academic wise and is encouraging for students to excel. There are lots of oppurtunities to get involved at the schools around school hours and many ways to help improve daily life.
Cedar Falls high school is a great school. Their faculties support for the children and the want for them to do well is outstanding. However, though their sport programs are very good the involvement of others who may want to play the sports but are not as good as others lacks emensly. They are very much a winning school. Also their diversity in culture lacks emensly as well. It is a mostly white school. Cedar Falls can make up for it though with there great amount of clubs and success with the club's.
As a graduate student from the Cedar Falls school district, I can say with confidence that this is a great community. Within the schools, there are a wide variety of classes one can select with distinct difficult levels, there are also many clubs in which one may attend or even create a new club that one feels are suitable for themselves as well as others. These programs are amazing but what really make this school system excellent are the teachers and staff. They provide assistance and look out for the best interest for not only you but everyone one else in the classroom. The Cedar Falls School District is not only physically safe but mentally as well, whether you are struggling with relationships, life in general or need extra help in school, there is always a staff member that one can confide in for assistance and guidance. Over all I would 100% recommend the Cedar Falls community school district to anyone looking for a safe and changeling experience as a student.
The school for the most part was good, and all of the teachers that I had were kind, and good at their jobs. I was never treated unfairly, or badly while attending the school. The only reason that I did not give the school five stars was because of some of the students that attend are not what I would consider to be kind, but other than the select few students the others were good.
Educationally wise, I have been given every opportunity to learn and take whichever class I am able to take. Most teachers care a lot about their jobs and are willing to go the extra mile to help out. Socially and emotionally, Cedar Falls needs to step up their game. Bullying, excluding, politics, etc., all happen at Cedar Falls and no one seems to want to address it. Everyone certainly acts as if nothing bad ever happens at Cedar Falls but that is untrue and because no one takes action, kids are hurting.
The teaching staff are really amazing. It is just so weighed down by an old, outdated high school that is not functional for today's students.
The teachers and faculty seemed to care about their students well-being and academic success. They created a safe environment for students of all backgrounds and walks of life. They didn't push courses that were not needed and allowed for students to have freedom in which classes they wanted to take.
The Cedar Falls Community School district has a strong reputation for excellence. Most of the teachers here are very good at covering the topics required in their classes and making sure the students understand the material. I have gone to the school district since first grade, and have enjoyed my time here thoroughly. Most of the students here are very open and kind, but I cannot say that for all of them. The inquisitive nature of those who attend these schools allows them to learn more easily and provide an atmosphere of learning for the rest of the student body. They are over capacity in many of their schools, but the addition of a new elementary, additions to the existing schools, and plans to build a new high school will soon alleviate that stress. Overall, I love this school district and rate it quite highly!
Cedar Falls is a great school district. I have lived here my entire life. There are 6 elementary schools the majority of them are up to date but some are not. All of them are overcrowded because the growing city of Cedar Falls. There are still good teachers and a great ability for the students to learn. There are 2 junior highs and they have both been updated in the last few years. The high school needs to be redone or rebuit but the teaching is great. It has prepared me a lot for college considering the number of college class that are available. The school has a great number of clubs and sport. All of the schools could use some updating because of the overcrowding but it does not happen because the city wants to raise property taxes to redo the schools. This does not work because the residents in the town voted against it. The school has great teacher but it is outdated and needs to be updated.
I would like it to be a more friendly community, there is many people who don't get along. Cedar Falls is very competitive especially against Waterloo. They would rather win then keep a positive attitude.
The schools are tremendous with a caring staff, high expectations and focus on each individual child. With two children in the District, we could not be happier with the quality of their education.
I transferred from Sac City High School to Cedar Falls High School in the beginning of 10th grade. I was upset about many things at the time, but my high school counselor helped me through it. I have evolved into a better person with the help of my teachers at the high school, and I will continue to evolve as I go on to college. The teachers at Cedar Falls High School are so incredibly helpful and there for you. Students create an unbreakable bond with teachers here. Not only are the teachers wonderful, but I am provided with so much more opportunities than at my old high school. There's more honor classes, a better theater program, more classes in general, and able to get college credit for certain classes as well. Cedar Falls High School is an amazing school and I am proud to say that I graduated here.
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The school district overall is very cliquey. They do not offer AP courses or at least they didn't went I attended school there. The school is very detached from the student body. The school condones bullying and tends to side with bullies.
I really enjoy going to Cedar Falls schools. I just started going here this past year and I feel a lot safer and more educated here.
We have two boys who have attended Cedar Falls Schools from Kindergarten to graduation and a third who is in 9th grade. Our experience with the school district has been nothing but wonderful. We have had some of the best teachers parents could ask for. We had a few teachers that were a little less than amazing but they were all very good to our children. The principals we have worked with have also been very inviting and accepting of the boys. We have had conferences with all of their teachers and were always pleased with the way conferences were handled even when there was less then excellent information to share. The elementary school that they all attended was like a family to all of us. I served on the PTA as vice president, president and past president for 6 years. While serving on the PTA I felt the staff accepted me as part of their school family. I have nothing but great things to say about the Cedar Falls School District.
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