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Cecil County public schools are excellent they offer a good education as well as the ability to be an active member in the school. They offer pep rallies, sports events, dances, as well as gaining knowledge. Cecil county created a technology school allowing students to start their career early and have the ability to graduate with a license. I wish Cecil schools prepared me for not only college but for life as well. I wish they had a class that taught about taxes, or handling loans. Those types of classes would be beneficial and help students in the future.
The teachers really cared about the students and did everything they could to help their education. Funding, however, was somewhat low in the sense of textbooks. Sports were fun and friendly while competitive.
There are many opportunities for students, however the schools are too small to accommodate all of the students. There needs to be more space for kids to walk from class to class without being overcrowded and shoved around.
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The cecil county public school system is very interesting, but they only care about students passing, they don’t help too well and push many kids who need help.
My experience at Cecil County Public Schools has been great. They have a large variety of classes available that were imperative for the educational path I had set forth for. The art program was one of the best. I especially enjoyed the ceramic class. When I learned of the nursing program I decided to explore and decided to apply. I was pleased to learn of my acceptance. The nursing program that they offer is very well organized and educational and a means to help jump start my future. I would love to see this program introduce additional staff so that the student teacher ratio allows for more concentrated training.
Overall, the staff is very friendly throughout the school. The only thing I could improve upon would be communication from administration to the students, but other than that, there are plenty of extracurriculars and activities to take part in.
Cecil County Public Schools are not exceptional by any means; however, this is not to say they are bad. They can definitely provide a great experience, but it is largely on the student to put forth the effort to make it a positive experience. In short, you will get from Cecil County Public Schools whatever amount of effort you give.
the staff are too lenient on kids who behave badly. they are doing much better with providing better resources for kids with special needs.
The teachers are horrible. They don't tell you when they expect a paper turned in by, and then take 5 points off for every day it's late. You'll look at power school and find that it was supposed to be turned in 5 days ago and the highest grade you can receive is 75%.
I’ve been here most of my life and it’s brought me a lot of long lasting friends and many memories.
Elkton High school prepares you for college, and the teachers are very respectful. Most students all get a long and we are all like one big family.
I am a freshman in college. I was not at all prepared for college, the safety in the schools is a constant worry, and many of the buildings themselves are in shambles. I love many of the teachers I had, but there was nothing they could do to fix the system. The higher level kids are not given opportunities to succeed, and the lower level kids are being pushed to graduate when often they do not deserve, nor want, in some cases, to graduate. I feel as if I was an excellent student at the school just to go into college and figure out I was far behind and below average.
Overall, the school is great, but there are little changes that need to be made. I have gone to the office multiple times about bullying and yet the administration does nothing, claiming it "should just be left alone." Another thing is that the gym becomes so hot that kids actually get sick from the heat and even pass out! The school is great but could definitely use a bit more adinistrative direction when it comes to bullying. Also, with the lack of exams, the students tend to struggle wit hthe transition between high schol and college due to the lack of homework and test practice.
I currently am enrolled in perryville high school, located within the Cecil County district. The teachers employed at Perryville are some of the best I have ever known. Each and every one of them cares about the student. The care goes beyond that of a grade point average. Most teachers want their students to get passing grades in the class and move on. Perryville teachers will take the extra time to make sure all students fully understand the concept before moving on. The teachers care more about student learning than overall grades. However, the school has a low budget, making funds scarce. the amenities are worn down, and the lockers are over thirty years old. Overall, the school is above average due to the teachers within, but the school itself is worn down.
I would love to see more teachers within CCPS that love their job and want to teach kids and help them learn rather than just being there because they need the money. We need more teachers who are able to adjust to different learning abilities within the classroom. My biggest struggle through CCPS was finding a teacher that was able to understand how I learn and made it possible for me to learn more and be college prepared.
I've been going to Cecil County public schools since pre-k and now I'll be graduating in June. I've enjoyed all my years in Cecil County schools and couldn't think of any other place I would rather be going to school. The teachers at NEH have been awesome and I've learned so much from each and every one. I'm going to miss seeing all the teachers throughout the day once I'm finished school but I'll be sure to come back to visit Having gone to Cecil County Public Schools I'm still friends with kids that I started pre-k with . I've made so many wonderful memories that I will take with me on my life's journeys.
It seems my child learns more dance moves then things ahe actually needs to learn. The children disrupt the class all the time and are never punished. Id they are bad they get to eat with the principal but if they are good they also get to eat with the principal
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I like Cecil county public school because of the administration and the supervisors. They are personable with as many students as possible and always friendly and involved and supportive. Cecil county public schools also has a fairly good arts program which is important for students in these activities.
Over all CCPS is an average school systems. The school facilities need updating and it would be great to include athletic fields and equipment along with purchases of scoreboards which some teams don't even have. Student athletes typically take pride in their athletic and academic accomplishments and need to be more valued by the school system. The teachers don't always follow the same guidelines in regards to school procedures. There are a lot good teachers and administrators who care and want to see there students succeed.
This county has little communication with families. Especially High School.
The schools don't work together. For instance... my daughter went to tech school and received a CNA/GNA certificate. The college would not accept the certificate or allow credits to put toward her college education.
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