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Cave Creek Unified School District Reviews

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Great schools. Good teachers. Fun atmosphere. Great classes and learning experiences. Able to take classes that will pertain to college classes and they also provide IB and accelerated classes.
CCUSD is an alright school district at best. The curriculum and a lot of the resources are outdated. The administration that I was involved with were some of the worst experiences I have had. From completely unresponsive and arguing, to implying that I did not have a good plan for my education. Unprofessional councilors made handfuls of students uncomfortable and overall a bad experience.
Being in a small district is the best thing I could have ever done. I loved being surrounded by the same group of people all through out my 12 years of Education here. The teachers are very respectful and they want to help you, it’s not just their job. I recommend this district for all the things I have learned, school spirit, life long friends, unforgettable teachers, amazing environment and an overall great education.
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Been in the district for over 5 years now. It is a fantastic district with dedicated admin, teachers, and students. Great place to begin or continue your children's education. Students, you will get out of it what you put into it. If you join clubs and or play sports and make an effort to be outgoing in class, you will find the school experience more valuable and enjoyable. It won't be perfect at any school, no matter what review you read. Give CCUSD a shot!
Ccusd needs more teachers and smaller class sizes. In some classes, there are up to 30 kids in one class! Teachers should also get paid more.
I have been with the Cave Creek Unified School District since kindergarten and have had nothing but phenomenal teacher and athletic programs. Also the administration really cares and gets to know the student. There are some classes with way to many kids but on average they are medium sized. I only wish that Arizona teachers got paid more.
The schools are average at best, not many super special teachers that really care about the students.
Cave Creek is a small community and is outside the large city suburbs. The high school offers some great courses, but could offer more blue collar opportunities versus all high academic courses.
I grew up going to school in the district. Once I graduated from High School, I went to college and got my degree in education. My end goal was to come back and teach in the district that I grew up in. The teachers in the district care for their students more than any other district that I have seen.
I have attended the schools in the Cave Creek District since 5th grade and I have nothing but positive things to say about these schools. They have a fantastic curriculum plan for their student and the teachers are so engaged and involved in the lives of the students. They give their all to each and every one in hopes to make an impact on them. The only thing that I would like to see change in the school is the amount if inter-connectivity between the subjects. I would have liked to see the teachers link up together to make each of the subjects seem relevant and help us to understand how the subjects can be used in real life situations. Other than that, the staff is fantastic, the students are very friendly and have come together like a family over my 7 years of being in this district.
I was in the CCUSD from kindergarten all the way to senior year. We had the opportunity to transfer school districts but my mom didn't want to do that to us and I'm so happy she made that decision. I have made amazing friendships with teachers from elementary and middle school that I know I will keep forever. You do not normally hear that from day to day. I'm very pleased at the way I was taught throughout all of my schooling. Bringing in the different life experiences ever since elementary school, also the way we were taught was very effective which is why I am excelling in college. Coming from a smaller town in Arizona there was only two school districts and I do not think that someone could say the same things I did about Paradise Valley Unified School District.
I liked how nice the teachers and students were as well as the education we received from such dedicated teachers. Everyone came together as one to create an amazing learning environment for the students. Also, not only was it just hitting the books, but as well as amazing pep rallies and many more activities every month. I truly recommend this district to anyone wanting a fresh new start at an amazing school district. It truly changed the way viewed Arizona.
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