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Cave City is smaller than a couple schools in independence county. But they are much stronger academically in that they serve ALL the students well, with a variety of programs for the individual learner. I wouldn't have my kids attend anywhere else!
Cave City School was a good place to learn. It was a safe environment with well trained educators. The food was subpar, and the meals were repetitive, meaning the same things were served many times. They offered the classes I needed to find what I would like to do for my career. I do however wish they would fix the way they do some of there concurrent classes.
They are prepared to help with just about anything. There are many classes to choose from to take. They give us many opportunities to be ready for college.
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All in all my experience at Cave City High School has been very well. I have been able to take many college classes online here which has helped me a lot.
I like how interactive the school has become with all extra circulars, but i would like to see them try to be more active in stopping bulling and drama. I think they should spend time getting to know their students due to how small the school is.
Cave City is a very nice school. The people are all nice but could be a bit more open minded, but seeing as we are a small community, I doubt that will happen. The school system is great, I have had no trouble here in my academic career. The teachers are also very encouraging and are willing to take time to help students individually.
The staff and teachers work together and seemingly get along very well. I would, however, like favoritism to cease. The district has a major issue with this.
I am a new student to Cave City school district, and I find the most appealing part of this school is by far the teachers. The thing I find they should work harder at is their science classes and put more finances into it.
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