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Catskill Central School District Reviews

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Catskill was alright. Teachers and friends were my favorite part of school. Throughout my 10 years in the district I believe the high school years were great academically.
Socially in middle school I played sports throughout high school which kept me on track.
They did not prepare me for college. Guidance and other resources did not do it. It’s ok.
Administration: Lots of gossip and politics. Dirty and useless. Wemitt was the best Principle, so he got his own star. Everyone else were unprofessional and useless.
The courses offered are diverse and vary greatly which is a good thing. A large majority of the teachers are nice, understanding, and good at their jobs. I recently graduated, and a lot changed from my freshman year to my senior, not all things good. I understand that the priority is education, but at the high school level you can have some fun and still be able to do good. The school throughout the four years seemed to take away more things, and make change many rules that didn't need to be changed. It made a honor student, three sport athlete want to be there less and less as time went on. Other than the many changes in administration, the teachers, education, and counselors were very good.
I like the school a lot. I think that they have been really good about getting us ready for college. I feel like I am going into college knowing what I am going to do. They also offer many college classes that you can take which is good.
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Catskill is an amazing school if you utilize all of the resources it offers. In the future, I would like to see more of an emphasis on SAT and ACT testing, however they do a phenomenal job preparing for all New York State exams. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend this school.
Catskill Central School District is located in a small town where everyone knows each other. I liked the small town feel and enjoyed knowing almost everyone I went to school with. The sports programs were fun to participate in and the teachers were helpful in being available for extra help. I enjoyed my experience in the schools and felt that there was a sense of community within it.
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