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Castro Valley Unified School District is like every other school district. I really how diverse and open all the schools are in CVUSD, but I hate that they implemented the common core math system. Thanks to this system I’m now two years behind the level math I should be in. I’m supposed to be in at a pre-calculus to a calculus level when I graduate and I was at Castro Valley High but once I took the test to place me in math as a freshman in college I placed in Algebra 2. Which means now I have to waste two years taking a math class if I want to graduate on time. And because of this I don’t feel like CVSUD is a good school district.
Only district I’ve been involved with, overall a helpful experience. High school offered a lot of necessary information for college readiness. It helped to make the transition a lit easier and less scary.
The STEM department and vocation departments at Castro Valley High School lack the skill and passion to really encourage students to become interested in the subjects or build the study-skills necessary for college. These teachers merely instruct, reading or creating lessons straight from the textbook, not encouraging creativity or active engagement outside of the required supervised lab experiments. Meanwhile, the history and English departments engage stidents well with simulations and class discussions that increase understanding of world perspectives among students.
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Castro Valley Unified School District has shown me both good and bad teachers and administration. As a student enrolled in 4 honors/ AP classes, I can say that the school has a loose grasp on Science and Math. I want to pursue a STEM major, yet my math and science teachers were not qualified nor did they have a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum. My Science teacher did not have a degree in biology nor did my chemistry teacher have a degree in chemistry. I had wonderful Social Studies teachers. In terms of administration they ignored continuous reports of harassment from teachers and often placed convenience over a student's education. I was harassed by one teacher for my attire and another who called me inappropriate names.
I love the safety and security that my school gives me. It's a very diverse community and has many different schools to choose from. The schools really make sure that everyone feels accepted and comfortable in their own skin. They don't allow racism and discrimination of any kind, and that's something that's lacking greatly in schools.
I like most of the teachers but the students weren't very motivated and there were no vegan options which was horrible since I care about animals.
I have been enrolled in a Castro Valley Unified School District school for four years and every year has been full of growth, understanding, learning and developing my skills. Castro Valley Unified School District has been good to me and my three other sisters. We originally lived in a town next to Castro Valley and we decided that it was best for our family to be inter district transfers to attend a more fitting school. In CVUSD you will be given a good education and good surroundings in order to do so.
CVHS is overall a very solid school. However, school infrastructure could be improved heavily (better bathrooms, water fountains, etc.). Additionally, better school lunch would prevent more students from leaving campus. Many academic departments are very good, however, I would like to see an expanded physics department for aspiring engineers and physicists.
They are horrible about giving aid to disabled children and they have many bad teachers they have some good teachers but not as many
Overall, this school is a very positive environment. Student voices are heard and encouraged to speak out. Some teachers are amazing, while others are more on the average side. I appreciate the wide variety of AP classes available to students, these courses have made me feel prepared for college.
The school is pretty good in my opinion, just that I don't understand why can't they fix the basketball courts
Some of the teachers are really good. For example, all of the AP US History teacher are really good, but some of the other teachers aren't as good.
The teachers are very nice, and do a good job. However, some teachers don't put enough effort into helping you with the material. The staff don't make enough effort to get to know their students.
The school is one that is well known in the area. We have a plethora of kind staff, administrators, and guidance counselors which are able to help students at any time. The courses are rigorous and challenging but the teachers make the classes bearable and fun. The lunches are not like typical school lunches and the campus is usually very clean.
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The Castro Valley Unified School District is an amazing and very welcoming place. Our schools are extremely diverse and provide many services so that every student can have equal opportunities at achieving their best regarding academics. The school district has been very helpful in prividing services such as free lunch and financial aide to me and my family members. With their help, I am provided with a lunch everyday and do not have to pay full prices for tests such as the SAT or any AP exams. I am blessed to be a part of this school district because of its dedication to helping students succeed.
Elementary and middle school experience were great, teachers and staff committed to families and keeping students engaged. High school needs work in this area, many good teachers, but also many that seem to be there only because they have to. Need more career/college planning resources for students and families
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I moved to the CVUSD when I moved to Castro Valley in 2010. At first it was difficult to adapt myself to the new environment; however, as time went by I found myself to enjoy it more than I thought I ever would. My favorite times in school were in middle school. Although it may sound surprising because many people have had a terrible middle school experience, the programs and clubs I joined make it very much enjoyable. I also found middle school to be a very safe space; a contributing factor might've been the fact that I went to the smaller middle school, Creekside Middle School. This year is my senior year in high school, although I didn't quite enjoy high school the same way I did middle school, I would still recommend it.
I would like to see a little more flexibility for the classes at the high school. But all in all it really is a great district and I really like it.
Castro Valley High school is an average high school, most teacher are friendly but do not go above and beyond to assist their students.
The administration is average and funding is a complete disaster. The school food is disgusting but the environment is nice and the local area is okay!
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