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Cassia County Joint School District Reviews

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I like the friendliness of most of the faculty and student body. It makes it feel like a nice friendly or even family environment. The thing that i would like to see change the most is equality, instead of students getting good grades or being allowed more resources than others, I believe each and every student should receive the same opportunities to show their strengths and weaknesses.
Our school district offers lots of opportunities. We have many sports, drama, Business Professionals of America, NHS, music classes, art classes, business classes, etc. They have a variety of classes and offer experiences for other people to enjoy and to find their niche and to find areas where they can excell. There are several teachers who are passionate about what they teach and do all they can to help students succeed.
Over the years I've experienced a lot of love in my school district. Last year we had some local floods and our school district came together to help our community. I would like to see more funds in our school district, which I think would really help improve students learning experiences.
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Cassia county is all about who you know to be successful in this town. My education and mental stability has been gratefully affected by this school.
I loved the small-town environment, and how close you could become with your teachers and fellow students. The school may have been a little rundown and old, but it had a great core in learning and relationships.
This school's focus is based upon the religious views that dominate the town and those who live in the area. If one isn't for this "view", they are seemingly categorized as an outcast until they conform to the righteous outlook by the church. Sports also dominate the small school because a religious cheerleader who is good with the director doesn't have to earn her grade, it is given to her and the same goes to the football, volleyball, and basketball teams. The outrage should be more than turning a blind eye to the obviously favorite and glorified religious yet athletic kids and their actions.
My experience about my school at Cassia High School is amazing. I always getting straight A's. I'm always push other to do their best and all my teachers push me to do my best. The teachers are amazing. At my school I'm involved in student council and sources of strength. I just love my school.
The teachers here work very hard for the students. although I feel like opportunities are not presented in a fair way. the district is heavy on agriculture making it easy for student not to continue on to college. Resources should be used to seek opportunities in other fields like architecture or physics. Make it a well rounded District and allow success through not just Ag but other arts and sciences as well
I loved being a student in Cassia County. I always felt safe and could always rely on my teachers if I needed extra help.
Faculty members were very well-involved with their students.
Clubs and activities were limited due to available budget and resources, but what was available was always executed well.
I really like Cassias county Joint because they are always open to hear your ideas. The teachers are amazing they don't see you like there students they see you like your they're kid.
Most of the staff are kind. The counselors sometimes don't know what they are talking about. When I first moved here, they signed me for junior classes as a sophomore and then switched me out of all of them 2 weeks later, after I had already made friends.
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