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I grew up in the Cashmere School District my whole life. I went through all the Cashmere Schools and I participated in as much in school and out of school as possible. I was a three-sport athlete for the majority of my time in school and I also was extremely involved in clubs and extracurricular activities in my community. For all of my time spent in the Cashmere School District, there was never one time where I felt like I didn’t have an entire community of people on my side and willing to support me through whatever I needed. A lot of people would say that it's too small of a town and that there's no privacy, but that is what helped shape our town into the supportive, caring, and excellent town that it is. I am proud to say that I am from Cashmere, WA.
I loved attending Cashmere High School because of the quality education, inspiring teachers, top sports programs, well-behaved students, and overall sense of community support. If I changed something, it would be to fix up the facilities a bit because the school's beginning to show its age. Thankfully, preparations to remodel CHS are already underway and this great school will continue to shine.
Great school with great teachers. A very homely campus with plenty of clubs and elective classes. They offer college courses at the high school and also support Running start students that travel to Wenatchee Valley college for their classes. A very sports oriented school with great sports teams and even better coaches. One of the best schools if not the best school in Washington state.
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I completely fell in love with the Cashmere School District ever since I began kindergarten in the Vale Elementary. The staff was always willing to help and taught me how to be a respectable young woman. If you were ever in need of anything, the staff would always be there to support or help you through any and everything. If I could change anything about it, it would be the bias that the higher powers have. There is a higher value placed on being an athlete rather than a band, choir or drama student. I personally was involved in both and I saw what many people brushed off their shoulder as if it were normal. Cashmere is a fantastic place to grow up. I can proudly say that about 98% of my friends from kindergarten stood by my side as we graduated together last year. I will always cherish the Cashmere School District, and I will use it to set standards for the school I would like my future children to be enrolled in.
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