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My experience with CCHS was average. Mostly because it was an average school. Not all teachers were mean, and not all food was good. We didn't have starbucks machines but we do have pop machines. The janitors do their jobs and so does the nurse. Some teachers have picks, others don't. CCHS isn't really a bad school, but its not really a good school. Casey County all together is like what some call "a state of its own". That's probably because your last name is a big deal. You have a good last name then your automatically a good kid. You have a bad last name and you get "picked on" by the B.O.E. Its average.
Overall, teachers are very helpful. Staff are mostly friendly. School lunch is not close to health standards at all. I would not feed my own dog the school food.
Casey County High has wonderful staff and always trying to move forward to prepare and better the students. The Sports teams and extras are what bring everyone together mostly. I wish there was more opportunities for the less fortunate students who have less than enough parent involvement though. Sometimes the only reason a student can't succeed is the family holding them back.
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Casey school system was very good. The teachers made sure that we were college ready and made sure we got into classes that we liked so we could have the chance to see if that was something we liked and interested in. I lived how we got to job shadow it was a great experience. The people who worked at the school always made sure their students were okay and if they needed anything they would find a way to help them or find them resources.
I liked the environment and many of the teachers. Several of the teachers I had had good personalities. I feel that they tried to get people to go to sporting events and support the school. I would like to see more improvement on the academic side.
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