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I have been in the Cascade School District ever since I was in first grade and there is no other school I would rather attend. All of the teachers have been nothing short of fantastic! They care about each individual with the greatest care, and worry about their well being. In high school they offer many classes around wood working, Welding, AG classes, Art Classes, cooking classes, and so much more! The only thing I would change is our language classes. The only second language they offer is Spanish, if a student wanted to learn another language they could take a class through Chemeketa which would cost them additional money. Even though the language classes are limited The school remarkable and I am so happy I am going to be graduating from Cascade Senior High School.
My school can go nearly unseen, for it is surrounded by cornfields. Due to this, most students have grown up in surrounding small towns, and the student body knows one another. I have had an amazing experience at my school; nevertheless, everyone knows everyone, and the community surrounding the school is very supportive of sports, clubs, and other school activities. This also brings a sense of security. Since nearly everyone in the school knows one another, it makes the students feel more secure, heard, and seen. Overall, Cascade High School has by far one of the most supportive communities and "close knit" student bodies.
Cascade offers a small supportive community helping students succeed. It would be great to see better college prep for a wider variety of student academic levels.
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I liked that at Cascade some teachers really cared about their student's success. Yet this is great, ,any teachers were close minded and were not willing to accommodate their learning.
I have two children in the large elementary school in this district. I have had good experiences with many teachers and support staff. They are attentive and caring.
While this school is full of amazing people, there is only so much you can do with a low budget and a bigger focus on football than academics. I loved my time at Cascade High School and I would never take it back because I made some life long friends; however, if your only goal is to get good information and quality academics, I would recommend looking into some of the private schools in the area. Again, loved this school, it just always seemed like the focus wasn't on education or making the staff happy, and as a student you definitely notice.
I loved the small towns that surrounded the school. I loved the smaller student body oppose to the salem-keizer school district. When going to Cascade School District you get to know your classmates and you get to know the community. It helps you grow as a person and to get involved. We are growing as a school but even with the growth we still have our country roots. When you go to school you see the cowboy boots, romeos and the camouflage that roams the halls. You can see friendliness and kindness among the student body, and pureness that you just don't see anywhere else.
I have been in this district nearly thirteen years, and I have enjoyed it. They track how well we work and move us along at whatever our pace is, and they are accommodating to people with mental disabilities like depression.
What I like about cascade is all the after school and in school activities. Classes are very easy to keep up with and overall a good school.
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