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Pretty good atmosphere, however need improvements about on smoking on campus and drugs on campus. Also, many teachers ignore the fact that some kids are being bullied or picked on when they witness it first hand.
I'm a upcoming senior at Carthage Senior High School, the teachers are people I can always count for help whether it is school work or when I need to just have someone to talk to about things that have been bothering me, the education is outstanding you really feel apart of the classroom when learning the material. The resources at my school are always helpful, we have counselors and military counselor because we get so many military kids that flow in out of Carthage. It's an amazing instituiton.
The fine arts programs are great which helped me through school. The school follows minimum graduation schedules instead of trying to make the class schedule more personalized to get you ready for college. It's difficult to figure out what you need to do to be ready for college when the school doesn't give as much help as it possibly could.
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Carthage Central School District as a whole is a really amazing school. I attended here for k-12 and never hated going to school. The teachers are always amazing and very helpful to the students especially in the high school. They allow students to come in during the teacher's free time, lunch, 5th block or sometimes after school to get help and work on the course. The only thing that I would like to see change is, I wish they started the "college search" earlier because even though I could go to a guidance counselor about things, I didn't feel very ready going into my senior year about preparing for college.
Carthage Central High School has great facilities the teachers are brilliant and the activities are excellent.
At carthage, teachers are willing to reach out to their students to lead them to success. The guidance office is very easy to get a hold of and start you on your path for college. Our teachers from Junior and Senior year are very determined to get you ready for those college classes and getting their students prepared for the harder courses. All of our AP classes and honors are very welcoming and challenging too for the students who are ready for that extra work and wanting to excel in school.
I went to Carthage High School for all four years. I don't know many students who actually enjoy being at school, however, I am thankful that I went to Carthage compared to other schools in the district. Carthage gave me multiple opportunities to further myself and gave me a better idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Now I am finishing my first year of nursing school and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for experiences I had during my days at Carthage High School.
My experience at Carthage Central School was very enjoyable. What I liked most about my school were the teachers and the activities that were made throughout the school year. The only thing I would like to see change would be the school lunches. The lunches aren't that good but I am still grateful for them because a lot of students don't get the option to eat lunch.
When I went to school at Carthage Senior High School I was a military kid who was welcomed. The school is not the biggest but it has good academics and everyone treats you like family!
I have only been to this school for a few months now, i had moved to this school from Alaska. Even though i am in a new environment with new faces I had made some decent friends already. The food is great, teachers are very nice, clubs are diverse and fun, hallways are a bit crowded and the schedule is a bit confusing but overall the school seems to be great.
When you find the right people who share your values, it's really a great experience! I enjoyed many of the clubs offered at this school, such as Sustainability Corps, Spanish Club, Key Club, Math League, Science Olympiad, Art Club and many more! I also enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities such as working with the Drama Department's Set Crew on the school plays and musicals. The sports programs are also very inclusive and while school spirit can be lacking at times, when you are on a team, your teammates begin to feel like your second family. When you get involved, you can really make it a great experience!
Being in a military family we move often. We moved to the Fort Drum area and I transfer to Carthage half way through my Junior year. I was amazed at how many opportunities they had in athletics and academics. And how supportive and understanding the teachers are. Although it was a struggle with the NY State regents Carthage managed to help me move on with high grades.
At Carthage Central High School I have had a pleasant experience. I enjoy that they have late arrival for the seniors who don't have many classes.
My experience at Carthage central school district has been very enjoyable. All of my teachers have been very helpful, and there goal has always been to prepare there students as much as possible to have them be successful in continuing there education.
There are many educational opportunities here including many college-level and college-credit courses.
Carthage is rather small, but it had opportunities when you looked for them. My only complaint would be the small-town political games that were played with every single logistical decision, no matter the department.
While at Carthage I have felt very welcomed this past year and a half. Moving around a lot makes it hard to make new friends but this community was very inviting. I must say the sports have been fun and I plan to continue my senior year doing them. Although I really like the district the academics is a lot different than Massachusetts. In Boston, the classes were much more advanced and what I learned freshman year is what the students here are learning their sophomore year.
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